Gleam of Fire iOS Review | The Super Gothic ‘Not-Batman’ 2D Platformer

Gleam of Fire iOS Review | The Super Gothic ‘Not-Batman’ 2D Platformer

Developed by Su Min Kim, Gleam of fire for iOS is a brilliant way to announce yourself to the mobile gaming world.

This is Su Min Kim’s very first game and oh boy, what a way to announce yourself.

The game, Gleam of fire itself is pretty simple to grasp,

It is an adventure platformer and a very, very good one at that. You will have to light touches with your extremely cool bow and arrow, moving through each level.

As you would in any platformer, you will be moving horizontally through layers and you will jump or drop down to move vertically.

The offensive and defensive moves include a normal attack option, a special attack and a doge option to take on both monsters and other obstacles.

Sounds easy yes? Not really, Gleam of fire is very challenging and YOU WILL DIE A LOT.

Every time you die you need to return to the beginning of that level and do it all over again.

This can get pretty annoying pretty soon. You sometimes die, two inches from the finish line but you got to go to the beginning. Which is frustrating.


Your movement within the game relies very heavily on timing. Move a millisecond too soon or too late, and you will take damage.

The biggest problem with Gleam of fire is that given the fact the game heavily relies on movement and timing, yet the movement of the main protagonist is sometimes a little off.

Which is a bit annoying at times, as you would imagine.

The touch controls on the right side of the screen works really well, there is no issue there at all. You can jump, dodge, attack with no problems.

The movement controls on the left are not as responsive as you want them to be.

The on-screen controls are placed in such a way that you have to place your thumbs in a very odd position. Playing for long periods of time becomes an issue.

You feel a bit cramped for room and sometimes you would miss the controls. When it comes to movement, the main character only either stands still or moves in one speed.

Despite these issues, Gleam of fire keeps you coming back for more.

The Graphics

Playing the game is just so much fun, the artwork and the graphics are stellar. You can tell that a lot of time had gone into making the game look good.

The Gothic style keeps in theme with the cape crusader himself, the one and only Batman (not really). The game is fantastic to look at. My favorite graphic has to be streaks of blood leaving the bodies my enemies as I strike them down.


Yes, that is right. You play as Batman (not really), and not just any Batman.

The Batman in Gleam of fire has let himself go a little bit (well, a lot), he’s got a pot belly! Imagine Batman with a beer belly, ya….. You would think it wouldn’t work but, it’s pretty freaking brilliant.

And apparently, it is not Batman, because you know, Warner Bros. So moving forward we will refer to him as, ‘not-Batman’. Sounds good? Ok…

Your goal is to go through each level looking for the portal to reach the next one, and you have to light torches along the way. Lighting torches is pretty fun because it looks totally kick-ass.

There are three hidden torches in each level, and finding them earns you one star each. You can finish the level without finding any one of them, but it would just mean you will be few stars less.

Let’s get into the Game

Ok so the game has three worlds and each world has 10 levels. Each of these worlds has a big bad boss to defeat as you suspected.

Now Gleam of fire is not easy. Let me say that again, Gleam of fire is not easy.

Took me some time to reach the first Boss.

To make things easy for you, you need to upgrade the not-Batman. Attacks, Health, Mana, all these things can be upgraded.

The upgrade option will be located at the top of your menu screen.

Each level gets harder than the previous level. The monsters change and you need to change and adapt as well to survive.

That is why you need to keep checking for upgrades. Do not forget this or you won’t stand a chance.

One good thing about the monsters in the game is that they will not chase you when you run. They will stay in the same spot even when you restart a level. That way you know how to plan your moves when go through the level the second time.

One aspect we thought was missing in Gleam of fire was that there is no backtracking in the game. Say for example, you acquired some new skill and you want to go back to a previously unreachable location; you can’t do that.

Would have been a nice feature.

Final Thoughts

In the world of 2D platformers today, I would have to place Gleam of fire right up there. The game is a lot of fun to play and extremely cool to look at.

There are issues with the controls and some missing features but overall the game ticks a lot of boxes.

Gleam of fire takes you on a fantastic adventure which is both frustrating and addictive. That’s a weird combination but so is the game. The important thing is that all the craziness works.

And I would easily recommend this game to anyone.

So give the not-Batman a go in the Gleam of fire.


Download Gleam of fire for iOS below: