The Art of Sword Fighting | GLORY AGES – SAMURAIS Review iOS & Android

The Art of Sword Fighting | GLORY AGES – SAMURAIS Review iOS & Android

Glory Ages – Samurais review for iOS and Android

If you have watched any Samurai movies, you would know that the fight scenes are very direct and to the point. In the sense that, you won’t find too much nonsense, and most of the fights are about building up the suspense and the anticipation to when the warrior will draw his sword.

One swing of the sword and the fight is most probably over. A Samurai waits for the perfect moment and then strikes for a deadly blow.

We can safely say that Glory Ages – Samurais has captured that really well.

Glory Ages – Samurais

The game will put you in a beautiful rendering of old Japan where you will take control of a lone swordsman,  in a combat game that gives a spartan-esque feeling.

Glory Ages – Samurais features four simple maneuvers from which you can fight off enemies. There is one button for attacks, which is used for combos as well, however, there is a stamina bar to prevent you from button mashing.

The button for dodging attacks is very important as it will allow you to roll away from enemies, and there is also a button to defend strikes from combatants. The most fun button is the ‘rage’ button which lets you unleash all your built up rage, literally.

Activating the ‘rage mode’ makes you invincible of sorts and the pictures go black and white as well to add to highlight all the samurai rage.

One-hit-kills are also possible in Glory Ages – Samurais, and it makes perfect sense to add this into a Samurai game. In order to achieve this though you need to get your timing absolutely perfect. Soon after a failed enemy attack, you need to attack. Do this and your enemy is a goner.

Glory Ages – Samurais does start really well, and the combat system is very cool, however, the fights start to become a bit repetitive, as there is not a lot of variation. Moving to a new level just feels like you’re getting new colors in the environment and nothing substantial beyond that.

Speaking of colors, the graphics in Glory Ages – Samurais is stunning. The grass and snow look very impressive and which draws you in. The movement of the combatants are on point as well.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the actual gameplay or combat though, the game gets repetitive. You will soon figure out a simple string of moves you can use on every enemy. This takes away from really getting into the game and enjoying it.

Glory Ages – Samurais is still a good title. The animation and colors, and the tension of battles are created well. If the combat offered more in terms of variety, this game would be scoring really high. Glory Ages – Samurais still is a game that you need to check out.


Download Glory Ages – Samurais for Android and iOS below