The Gloriously Grim ‘GRIMVALOR’ Review for iOS

The Gloriously Grim ‘GRIMVALOR’ Review for iOS

Grimvalor iOS Review

It is hard to talk about Grimvalor without talking about Darksouls. Yes, It is unfortunate but it is the truth. It is not fair that we compare Grimvalor with Darksouls but, playing the game, you will see Darksouls inspiration everywhere.

It is as if the developers were very intentional about making Grimvalor another Darksouls on mobile. Grimvalor also takes inspiration from the 16-bit platformer era, among other modern titles.

Naturally, the game is extremely tough, unforgiving, and forces you to be on top of your game every second. The moment you lose focus, you are dead, and Grimvalor loves seeing you dead. We are not complaining, by the way, we love this return to the glory days of gaming where you get punished for being mediocre.

Darksouls or not, the real question is, is Grimvalor any good? Oh yes.


The world is taken over by monsters and guess who has to send them back to the hell where they came from? That’s right, you. You start off in a dungeon and you have a massive sword with you to slay the demons in your way.

The developers have made the controls in Grimvalor as simple as possible. Two buttons control your left and right movement, and then there are separate buttons for Jump, Doge, and Attack. However, there is a lot you can do with these simple options.

Something that kept Grimvalor constantly refreshing was its regular unlocking of new moves. You will first unlock a Charge Attack, which you need to swipe on the right button to unleash, then you will quickly unlock other moves such as Smash Moves, Wall Runs and many more.

There are refillable health portions available as well which will get you back to full health. God knows you need it in Grimvalor.

Grimvalor will surround you with enemies. It loves doing that. Avoiding getting killed in these scenarios involves a lot more than just swinging your sword around. Perfectly timed dodges, jumps, flips, runs; all of these matters. This is where Grimvalor really excels. It’s combat.

The Big Bosses are very satisfying. Incredibly difficult to kill, but you get a sense of epicness it the fights. You need a little bit of creativity in these boss fights if you want to come out on top. Room for error is very tiny as a couple blows will kill you. Oh, and there are traps to avoid also.

The further you proceed the stronger your character will become. This involves forging new weapons and pumping up your game stats. Grimvalor is a glorious mess of madness that is designed to torture you, however, it will also give you everything you need to be victorious.

Final Thoughts

You often see games trying to label themselves as ‘difficult games’ and accomplishing that part of the game but failing everywhere else. Even though a game is difficult, it should also be designed in a way that gives players hope that it can be beaten. Guess what, Grimvalor achieves it beautifully.

Yes, people will criticize the game for its lack of originality, but if you take a closer look, Grimvalor actually offers a lot of originality. It doesn’t just take inspiration from Darksouls, rather you will see inspiration from a whole bunch of other classic titles mixed in with its own twist.

Grimvalor is not a Darksouls copy. It is a very well developed game with its own identity.  It is a fantastic addition to the iOS platform and possibly a contender for game of the year.


Download Grimvalor ($4.99) for iOS below: