Guide-Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery | Tips and Tricks

Guide-Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery | Tips and Tricks

There is a lot of buzz surrounding Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, and most of them are not very positive. Naturally, anything related to the Harry Potter saga blows up on a massive scale, and there is always going to people who either love it or hate it.

This is not a review of Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, rather we will talk about some tips and suggestions that will help you best play the game.

The eagerly awaited RPG lets Harry Potter fans do something they have always wanted to do.

Be a student at Hogwarts and experience the magic first hand. The famous trio, Harry, Hermione, and Ron will not be your classmates though, as the story in the game is set way before the times of Harry Potter.

That is good in a way, or they would have stolen your thunder!

The game rather lets you create your own story and build friendships with a bunch of very familiar characters.

Entrance Free

Hogwarts truly does take care of their young wizards as they do not charge you anything for entering the famous wizard school.

However, be warned though, you are going to run out of “Energy”, and in order to get more Energy, you will have to purchase gems, which is the premium currency of the game. Cheeky bastards!

And the worst part is sometimes you might run out energy at the very wrong time, and then you will sort of be forced to make purchases.

If you truly love the game and don’t mind spending then you can most certainly be doing that.

However, there is a cheaper way, which we’re about to tell you right now.

Firstly, what is Energy?

Let me first tell you that there are a lot of things you can do in and around Hogwarts which does not require Energy.

One aspect you will want to focus on is the dialogue.


There is plenty of it, and the choices you make based off of this will affect your relationships with other students; this does not take up any energy at all.

Casting spells also do not take up energy, once you learn them.

Tapping on the scroll icon which is on the left side of the main screen, will show you what part of the story and the chapter you are at, and what objectives you need to complete to progress to the next chapter.

Whatever is marked with a star is what will require energy 😉

Some of the lessons and encounters are very long, and the game requires you to earn a certain number of stars within the given time.

You will most often tap on people and items a specific number of times, indicated by a glowing outline to complete these tasks.

The kicker is that these taps take up Energy, and Energy will gradually run out.


There are things you can do to make sure your tank doesn’t go completely empty. Here’s what you need to do!

How to get free Energy

The quest to earn stars is broken down within each lesson and encounter. You will see how much energy you need to complete a quest when you tap on the glowing person or object.

Finishing a task earns you rewards and also XP.


These rewards sometimes include Gems, but planning what quest to complete to maximize your Energy intake is pointless because you don’t know how much Energy you will be getting (or even if you will get any) from a certain task without completing it.

The best strategy here is to complete the tasks that require the least amount of Energy, and that way even if you don’t get any energy back as a reward, you have not spent too much energy completing the task.

The Rewards

Harry Potter Hogwarts presents you with a choice of rewards every time you earn a star.

These include XP, Coins and of course Gems AKA Energy.

If you want to extend your playing time as much as you can, you should always take Energy when it is available. This really is a no-brainer.


Important: you have the option to leave a lesson or an encounter anytime you want if you feel like you are running out of energy. All you have to do is tap on the Door icon on the bottom-right of the screen. You can find other things to do to earn some energy and then come back.

One good thing about the game is that if you complete a lesson or encounter within the given time, your Energy completely fills up.

What if you run out? Two choices;

  1. Log out and wait
  2. Spend gems you have.

In order to completely fill up your Energy, it will take about 30-40 gems, and that could turn out to be very expensive.

Is there a way to get gems for FREE? YES!!!

Just like in any Free-To-Play game, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery lets you collect gems within the game, but it doesn’t let you stock up on them.

Four ways to earn free gems in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

1 – As we discussed earlier, by completing tasks and earning stars, you get a choice of three different rewards, and one of them are Gems. And you can turn these Gems into Energy.

2 – Learning more spells earns you Gems. You can’t go looking for spells and learning them as they are part of the story of the game, and you have to wait till something comes up. Learning spells often, helps.

3 – Another way is it to level up your character. Gems let you do this. Also, everything and anything you do earns you XP, and thus you are always working on this aspect of the game.

4 – Developing friendships: This is the most interesting way to earn gems in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. You can level up your friendships based on how you treat them. Once your friendship levels up, more adventures with that particular friend will also open up. This means more things to do, and more chances of earning gems.

Final thoughts

I am certain that even with all these tips, you will hit a wall somewhere in the game, and you will be forced to make a purchase here and there. The question is, is it worth it? Short answer? Yes.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks here and there. But completing the game without spending a dime is also not impossible. It will just take some time and patience.

We hope that Jam City will provide future updates focused on making the game a little less strict.

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