GUNS OF BOOM Season One Finale in Augmented Reality

GUNS OF BOOM Season One Finale in Augmented Reality

Watch the Guns of Boom Season One Finale on 17th and 18th November Live in Augmented Reality

One of the biggest games to get AR support via the ARKit was Guns of Boom, which was called the AR Spectator Mode. This cool feature lets players watch matches in real time through Augmented Reality. This feature makes the whole experience a lot more immersive.

A lot of people are talking about the possibilities of Virtual Reality, however, we still think that AR actually has a lot more potential. Check out the Guns of Boom Augmented Reality trailer below:

This feature was first implemented by Guns of Boom for Esports. Now the team is using it for the Season One finale, partnering with Game Insight and ESL. The Finale is set to feature 8 teams that qualified from Europe and America battling it out for a grand prize of $120,000, which will be held at the Intel Esports Arena in Las Angeles.

This event will be broadcasted in Augmented Reality for viewers and will be the first Esports event to do so. It has been reported that details of Guns of Boom Season Two will be revealed at the event.

When ARKit was first launched, we did not see a lot of developers jumping at the opportunity to use this technology, or incorporate it into their games. Aside from the few AR games that currently exist, developers didn’t show much attention to it even though ARKit has so much potential.

We hope that Guns of Boom Season One works out really well with the incorporation of AR so that more developers will start using this tech.