Homo Machina iOS and Android Review – The Best Kind of Biology

Homo Machina iOS and Android Review – The Best Kind of Biology

Homo Machina for iOS and Android, inspired by the works of Frits Khan is indeed something to experience.

The game depicts the human body in a way that is both hilarious and eye-opening in some aspects. It certainly is a unique experience.

Let’s talk about biology!

The human body is the most complex machine in the universe, and it is also very disgusting. It is full of fluids and gooey stuff, and if you look at the inside of a human body, it is disgusting.

What Homo Machina does is, it re-imagines the insides of a human body as a collection of machines from the days of the industrial revolution, working together to maintain the body and perform day-to-day functions.

The machines are from the early 1900’s, and you need workers to run and maintain them.


So, you got a whole bunch of tiny workers running around in your body, working hard and making a living trying to take care of their families.


This includes managers, secretaries, and the whole works.


The developers, Darjeeling found inspiration for Homo Machina from the works of Dr. Fritz Khan.

Fritz Khan is popular for his work of depicting the working of the human body illustrations of machines. He is also famously known as the father of infographics.

Homo Machina is in a way an ode to the works of Frits Khan, and it’s not just the game that is inspired by his illustrations, but the artwork is straight out of the 1920’s era.

From the transitions to the sounds, Homo Machina beautifully portrays the feeling of days gone by.


What it’s not and what it is

Homo Machina is definitely NOT a body simulator

Despite looking like one, the game is rather a narrative drive puzzler with an engaging and interesting story.

Your task is to navigate the body through a ‘romantic date’.

You have workers at your command and a director who does not always know what he is doing, and a secretary, without whom the director will be lost.

Chapters in the story

You are introduced to new workers and a new body part in each chapter.

These tasks in each chapter are connected to other parts and tasks in the body.

Example: Chewing food the right way so that the body won’t have trouble digesting it later, or unclogging the nasal passage so the body can take in a good smell.

It makes you feel thankful that these things happen involuntarily in real life. Because man, it is a lot of work!

There are no on-screen controls, rather you interact directly with what is on screen. We liked that.


Does that sound simple?

Well, you are not wrong. The thing about Homo Machina is that there is nothing telling you what to do, rather you have to figure it out yourself.

Sometimes when your staff gets a bit impatient, they will nudge you in the right direction, but mostly you are on your own.

Trial and error is a big part of Homo Machina.

Almost everything you see on the screen can be interacted with. If you come across something which is not related to your task, it will still do something. Like give out a funny animation or sound.

The animation plays a big part in Homo Machina, as it will give you clues as to what you need to do next. Sometimes these animations can be really subtle, so pay attention.

More about gameplay

Homo Machina is full of connected mini puzzles. Every job requires you to solve 3,4 puzzles to complete a job.

Example: The body receives a pleasant smell. You need to make sure it goes deeper into the body. You will have to activate filters that block bad smells, unclog several jams, and then adjust the temperature to the perfect setting for the smell to settle in the body.

Sounds interesting? Yes is it.

You don’t have to necessarily do these tasks in any perticular order but you need to complete them to move on.

Most of the times you will be given the freedom to take your own sweet time, but some levels throw in a timer.

Then you need to hustle.


Homo Machina is made to be beaten. It is not a game you will get stuck in.

This does not mean it’s easy, rather it lets you eventually figure things out.

But I have to say, spending time in this unique world was a treat.

There is a buzz around the community that the game is not long enough. Because basically once you finish this one scenario, the game is over.

It would have been nice to play different scenarios but, I am not complaining. For the $3 I spent, I got my full monies worth.

Maybe the developers’ can look at introducing more scenarios in future installments and maybe have the game play out in a woman’s body?

There is a lot the developers’ can do should they choose to.

Final Thoughts

Homo Machina for iOS and Android was certainly a refreshing experience. We at Mobile Game Hunter always love developers and games that think out of the box.

The concept here is brilliant and execution is stellar.

We do want to see a sequel for this, and whether it is in the same body with a different story or a new body with new staff and characters. We want more Homo Machina.

Thank you for this brilliant game Darjeeling

Download Darjeeling for Android and iOS below;