Uridium-Inspired HYPER SENTINEL is Finally here for iOS & Android

Uridium-Inspired HYPER SENTINEL is Finally here for iOS & Android

Hyper Sentinel for iOS and Android

The Horizontal shoot-em-up, Uridium by Andrew Braybrook is a cult classic from 1986, and there have been many games inspired by it. The game first came to life on the Commodore 64, later ported into most of the 80’s home computers as well as the NES.

So, there is a pretty good chance that you have seen or played this game (or some form of it) over the years. When you think about mobile games inspired by Uriduim, two titles come to mind.

One of those was Starseed: Origin ($2.99) which was a true interpretation of the classic with some original concepts weaved in. Then there was the super awesome Futuridium EP, I mean come on, it’s right there in the title. Sadly this game is not available on the App Store anymore. You can still download Starseed: Origins, however, it has not received an update in a long time.

Then we have the game of the moment, Hyper Sentinel ($1.99). This game does its best to stay true to the original concepts of Uridium, but updating them slightly to appeal to new-age gaming. You could even call it an evolved version of Uridium.

Hyper Sentinel developer Four5Six Pixel even partnered with the guys who helped publish the original Uridium game, Huey Games, to publish and finish-off Hyper Sentinel. Huey Games came from Hewson Consultants who published many great games back in the 80’s including Uridium.

If you think about it, this story has come full-circle, which makes Hyper Sentinel even more special. Hyper Sentinel first started making creating some buzz way back in 2015 and has been in development for over 3 years. This first trailer was released couple of months ago, and thanks to beta testers, Four5Six Pixel was able to do the finishing touches on the game.

In 2016, Four5Six Pixel teamed up with Andrew Hewson from Huey Games to bring Hyper Sentinel to more platforms. After a couple of successful Kickstarter campaigns, this became a reality with Hyper Sentinel launching on Nintendo, Play Station 4, Xbox One and Steam.

So what about the mobile release? Well, the iOS version was released last week (very low-key launch) and the Android version is up on Google Play but is still unreleased. We gave the iOS version a go, and the game truly is a spiritual successor to Uridium.

The game is unbelievably and beautifully chaotic. The controls work really well. The ship-flipping mechanic is awesome but takes some getting used to. Overall, Hyper Sentinel is a proper modern arcade game.

It really is a joy to see Hyper Sentinel finally get its release on mobile, and Andrew Hewson is an absolute legend. If you don’t know much about this man, well, some call Andrew Hewson the godfather of indie games. Before the App store and Google play, he made it possible for small-time developers to publish games back in the 80’s.

Now Andrew and his son are continuing the legacy with Huey Games, and it is just brilliant that a cult-classic from 30 years ago is getting homage with Hyper Sentinel. If you want to experience Uridium on steroids, well, that is pretty much what Hyper Sentinel is.


Download Hyper Sentinel for iOS and Android below