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Identity IV Pre-Registrations Available Now For iOS & Android

Identity IV for iOS and Android by Behaviour Digital and NetEase is about be released next month globally. The game is currently available in China bringing Dead by Daylight’s gameplay to the mobile platform.

Identity IV is a 1v4 multiplayer horror game where four survivors take on a hunter.

You have the option to play as a survivor or the hunter. The hunter’s objective is obviously to capture the survivors, while the survivors need to capture cipher towers to have the exit activated.

The new story trailer is out now;

NetEase has done something really cool with the pre-registration for Identity IV.

Instead of having a normal pre-registration page like everyone else, they have made a browser game, where you need to collect clues as detective Orpheus.

Have a peek at the pre-registration website HERE

If you have played Dead by Daylight on your consoles or your PC you would know what to expect with Identity IV.

The game will be free-to-play with in-app purchases.

Get ready to dive into the Gothic style Horrors of Identity IV very soon.