Insanely Cool “Lichtspeer”, The Crazy Spear Game Coming to iOS in March

Insanely Cool “Lichtspeer”, The Crazy Spear Game Coming to iOS in March

Noodlecake Games” is easily one of our favorite game developers in the recent past. These are the guys behind “Invert” and “Flipping Legend”. In 2017, Noodlecake Games announced four titles which included Invert, Flipping Legend, Summer Catchers (Yet to be released) and of course Lichtspeer for iOS.

Lichtspeer , initially launched in 2016 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, PS Vita, Linux, and Mac, received quite a good reception from the public, and now is ready to be launched on the iOS. If it is not yet obvious, Lichtspeer is a spear game where players have to spear all kinds of enemies imaginable to progress through levels, in order to make the gods happy and eventually save the universe. Yea I know sounds pretty awesome, and it is.

The game is completely over-the-top and features some insane graphics and German comments. The trailer which was released for Litchspeer gives a pretty accurate description of the game.

What do we think of the trailer?

I mean come on, what’s not to like about it. It is just everything wacky and cool put together. We know so far that there will be 60 levels in this game, featuring all the super crazy enemies you just witnessed and more. You will also be getting 10 “Lichtpowers” (upgradable) which you will be using to destroy everything in your path.

Litchspeer is scheduled for launch on March 1st, and pre-orders are now available with a discount of 50%.  You can get the game for $1.99 if you buy now, instead of the normal price which is $3.99. That my friends, is a pretty sweet deal, and we have already put in our orders. You might as well get it now because you know you will anyway be trying this game out. Lichtspeer FTW!

If you want to know more about this game, we suggest you read the review for Lichtspeer by