The Budget Friendly iPhone X R | What You Need To Know

The Budget Friendly iPhone X R | What You Need To Know

Apple unveils the iPhone X R and things get very interesting.

“One more thing,” was sort of how Apple casually introduced the budget-friendly super impressive iPhone X R.

The iPhone X R basically seems to be the iPhone X but cheaper.

The iPhone XR features an LCD (Liquid Retina Display) screen instead of the OLED, with a 6.1” screen at 1792 x 808 and 326ppi. Which is exactly what the iPhone X has and is also bigger than the screen on the iPhone 8.

This product is clearly made to sell like hotcakes with it being launched in many different colors including Red, black, coral, white and yellow; and it is aluminum.

The iPhone X R also comes with a IP67 certification which means it is waterproof just like the iPhone X.

Something that the iPhone X has that the iPhone X R doesn’t is 3D touch, instead, the X R has ‘Haptic Touch’ which is what you will find in the MacBook Pro Trackpad.

The camera is not as exciting as the camera on the X S but that is expected, right? The iPhone X R will only have the wide angle lens, which will limit it from doing some of the amazing things that the X S can do.

The iPhone X R will have the A12 Bionic chip as same as the iPhone X, and that will enable the phone to have super fast Face ID capabilities.

The X R will feature the same front bar (the notch) as the X and thus will have the same selfie capabilities.

Which is fantastic. 

One of the biggest improvements was done to the battery life where the iPhone X R will give you an additional hour and a half over the iPhone 8.

The X R comes in three sizes, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. Prices will start at $749 and will be available for pre-orders on October 19th.  Shipping will begin on October 26th.

The iPhone X R sure looks like a massive hit to us.

Here is the Entire Apple Keynote in 12 minutes courtesy of The Verge: