Isle of Skye Guide for iOS & Android | 5 Tips To Be Awesome At It

Isle of Skye Guide for iOS & Android | 5 Tips To Be Awesome At It

Isle of Skye is the latest board game to hit the App Store and Google Play Store from Developer Asmodee Digital.

It is a game about clan rivalry, sheep, whiskey barrels, and roads.

Isle of Skye is pretty complex though. Even after a lengthy Tutorial, you will be stuck when it comes to what to do next.

And here is where these 5 tips come in.


Isle of Skye Tip # 1

Check what will score.

The first thing you should do once you have been given your tiles is to check the scoring permutations on the current round.

You can do that by tapping the markers on the right-hand side of the screen. This will show you not just the tiles in your hand are worth, but what your opponent might be aiming for as well.

If you know that only sheep and lakes are being counted in this round, that will affect which tiles you place.


Isle of Skye Tip # 2

Look ahead.

While it is important to know what’s going to be getting you victory points each turn, you should always check what the different scoring combinations are in the future as well.

We will often score more than once for a particular set. So, It is a good idea to focus on those when you start, in order to get regular points throughout the game.


Isle of Skye Tip # 3

Don’t go broke!

It is tempting to set the tiles at prices you want to keep incredibly high. But, that can have the undesirable knock-on effect that no one buys them.

That’s going to leave you with a hefty bill to pay and less room to change your tactics.

In the early part of the game give everything a reasonable price and save your extreme prices for late on.


Isle of Skye Tip # 4

Connect the pieces.

You will always score at the end of the game with connected bits of pasture, sea or mountain.

So, even if you are not scoring with them in a particular round, it is a good idea to place your tiles so that they can join together.

Single tiles are great for this, so watch out for them.


Isle of Skye Tip # 5

What are your opponents doing?

Every turn you will see what tiles your opponents discard, what tiles they purchase, and how they lay them. This will give you a good idea of what they are aiming to do.

You can also keep track of what they have done by tapping the history button. Try and make it as difficult for them as possible by pricing the amount of the cards they need or sending them back into the desk so they can’t be bought at all.

There you have it, our FIVE tips for you to be better than everyone else.


You can download Isle of Skye for iOS and Android below;