“KIDS” Experimental Project by Double Fine and Playables Coming to iOS and Android This Year

“KIDS” Experimental Project by Double Fine and Playables Coming to iOS and Android This Year

Double Fine Presents, KIDS for iOS, Android, PC and Mac

We love our indie games! They always bring something new to the plate. They are certainly not mass market but that sort of adds to the whole charm of it.

One of our favorite indie game makers, Double Fine Presents has a history of providing some of the most interesting indie games ever.

GNOG and Mountain were our two favorites, developed in partnership with KO_OP Mode and David O’Reilly, respectively.

The latest title announced by the studio is called KIDS, and it looks to be of the family. This time partnering with Playables, definitely keeping in line with their left-of-center theme.

“KIDS is an experimental project about the psychology of the group. The final products are an interactive animation, a short film and an exhibition.”

-Developers at Double Fine Studios.

The ‘interactive animation’ they are talking about is the game which will be launched later this year according to our sources.

The teaser they release is really something. Check it out for yourself.

The co-founder of Playables, Micharl Frei is somewhat of a genius when it comes to animated short films. You might be familiar with his award winning shorts such as Plug & Play and Not About Us.

If you have seen these films, you will instantly recognize the distinctive animation style. Plug & Play was also later turned into an interactive game in 2015.

Rakete, Krautscape, Mirage, Drei.

If you are familiar with these games, then you know how fantastic they all are. That is the other half of Playables.

Yes, Mario von Rickenbach is the other co-founder of the studio. Put these two geniuses together, you know something brilliant will be the outcome.

KIDS was also presented as an Art Exhibition in February 2018 (3rd to 4th), which was held at the Museum of Digital Arts in Zürich, Switzerland, more commonly known as MuDA.

You can sign up for the game on the KIDS page.

KIDS the game is expected be launched later this year.

I present to you, Plug & Play and Not About Us