KINGS AND ASSASSINS | Guide | For iOS and Android

KINGS AND ASSASSINS | Guide | For iOS and Android

Kings and Assassins guide for iOS and Android.

Kings and Assassins is an impressive game of deceit, bluff, and royal murder. We loved playing the game when it came out, and even though we didn’t review, it seemed only right to share some of what we learned.

In this guide, we will show you some of the strategies, plans, and moves you are going to need to ensure that your side always comes out victorious.


Kings and Assassins Tip # 1

Play to your side’s strengths

The A-symmetric nature of the game means you are going to learn how to play as two different factions. The King and the Knights are strong, cable of pushing citizens and assassins out of the way, and moving as a single, difficult to attack unit.

On the flip side of that, the strength of the assassins comes from the fact that they are hidden. This gives you plenty of chances to bluff your enemy to wasting their energy on citizens, rather than the killers hidden in their midst.

If you know how to play both sides, you are going to be in a much better position to work out your opponent’s strategy.

So make sure you spend some time both with the king and the assassins.


Kings and Assassins Tip # 2

Be adaptable

There are multiple different ways to win a game of kings and assassins, and sometimes you are going to have to choose between them on the fly.

Plans go wrong, so having a back up is going to be super important. The king wins if he gets to the castle within the turn limit. But he’ll also win if he’s knight’s capture or kills all three of the assassins.

The assassins win if they manage to kill the king. But they will also score a victory if the king isn’t safely home by the end of the game.

Always be ready to try the second option if your first course of action hasn’t come off how you hoped.

Lost two assassins trying to kill the king? Then keep the third safe and any royalty away from gates. And you can still snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


Kings and Assassins Tip # 3

Don’t waste your manacles

It is super tempting to manacle anyone who comes within breathing distance of the king. But that is just what the other player wants you to do.

This is a game of bluff, double bluff, and sometimes even triple bluff. Like poker but with swords and knives.

Think about where you would position the assassin, think about the moves the other player has made, and don’t cab manacles at someone just because they look a bit suspicious. Everyone is suspicious.

That is the point of the game.

Working out which movements are fake-outs, and which ones are the actual act of aggression is half the fun. If in doubt, push a citizen back, their reaction on the next turn will probably reveal the truth.


Kings and Assassins Tip # 4

Protect, Protect, Protect?

To start with, you want to go all out with attack, and while that sometimes can work protecting what you have got is a much more viable strategy.

Leave the king alone and he is vulnerable to attack. Sacrifice two assassins in quick succession, and you are open to defeat. But by the same token, you can fake an attack in order to draw out your assailants, or throw away two assassins in order to keep one of them safe and sound while the king flounders around trying to find them.

Knowing who to keep alive, and who t throw to the wolfs, is one of the key skills in this game. Knowing who your opponent is trying to keep alive is the first step to becoming a master.


Kings and Assassins Tip # 5

Look ahead

As well as poker you can also think of kings and assassins like a slightly strange game of chess. If you are only countering immediate threats then you are missing the overall plan that your opponent is trying to put in place.

Take your time over each move and think about the position you are going to end up in after the current turn, and the next one and the one after that.

Consider the permutations of your enemy’s moves as well. While the game is mechanically simple, it is in the psychology where things really spark to life.

Thinking ahead and outwitting your opponent’s potential future strategies is the skill you need to hone if you want to emerge the winner.


Download Kings and Assassins for iOS and Android below.