‘KLUEST’ Taking AR Gaming To Another Level

‘KLUEST’ Taking AR Gaming To Another Level

Kluest AR for iOS and Android

Augmented Reality games are becoming more and more popular these days and I don’t think that is surprising. Frankly, that is where the future of gaming is heading.

AR games are normally confined to the imagination of the creator. The guys at Sons of a Bit wants to change the game up a ‘bit.’ With their new upcoming app Kluest, the players also become content creators. Kluest even got the backing of the Spanish government, which is very cool.

What Kluest does is that it uses Augmented Reality and geolocation to bring adventures into the real world. Anyone who uses the app can come up with their own story.

You can protect your city from alien invaders or go on an epic quest for a hidden treasure. What you can create here is only limited to your imagination.

The tools available in Kluest will let you create games for fun or education. These tools include puzzles, NPC’s, enemies, riddles, and even object exchange. Imagine what a business can do with an app like this. This certainly is a very exciting prospect.

Check out the reveal trailer for Kluest below which shows you how to use the app. Strangers getting together against a common enemy, a treasure hunt leading to a proposal? A lot is going on here.

You can sign up for the Kluest closed beta available on the official website. The public launch is months away so if you want early access for this exclusive app, you know what to do. Early users will also receive extra content that will only be available to them.

There is no release date announced for Kluest yet, but we will certainly keep an eye on this one.