Now you can play PS4 games on your iPhone

PlayStation 4 users in the week received a free update to their console’s firmware, that brought a pair of changes.

Update 6.50 offers users the power to swap the functions of the circle and X buttons, and therefore the mandatory download weighs in at a manageable 460MB.

But the most important addition is that PS4 players can now use Remote Play on their iOS devices, which means that they will basically play PS4 games on their mobile phones.

Remote Play is currently compatible with iPhones and iPads updated to iOS 12.1 or later, and touch screen controls designed into the app permit you to continue your PS4 adventures.

Unofficial apps permitting users to stream their games to iOS devices are around for a long time, however this is the 1st time Sony is formally supporting Remote Play on such devices.

How to get it working

First, you’ll have to download the Remote Play app from the App Store onto your device. Here’s a link to do just that.

Once the app is installed onto your chosen device, open it and choose ‘Start’. You’ll be prompted to log into your PSN account, therefore input the details of the account you want to use.

Once you’ve logged in, the app can begin looking for your PS4. this will take a moment or two, however eventually Remote Play should begin on your iOS device.

Can I use my PlayStation controller?

It’s worth noting that you just can’t use your PS4’s DualShock four controller with the iOS app.

You’ll instead need to deal with the on-screen touch controls overlaid over the image, unless you decide for a third-party controller, not all of that are compatible.

However, those with a Sony Xperia phone running android 5.0 or later (to that Remote Play has also been created available with the update), will be able to pair their DualShock controllers to their phones.

The update also doesn’t quite enable you to play PS4 games anyplace you choose – Remote Play only permits you to stream over your home Wi-Fi network.


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Donald Trump goes viral again after referring Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple”

Donald Trump goes viral again after referring Apple CEO Tim Cook as

“Tim Apple”

Donald Trump has raised eyebrows by referring to Apple’s chief, Tim Cook, as “Tim Apple”.

The United States president’s blunder came as he was sat next to Mr Cook, who runs one amongst the world’s biggest firms, throughout a gathering at the White House.

Mr Trump has long insisted that he has a knack for memorising people’s names.

But throughout the awkward exchange with the tech boss, he said: “People like Tim – you’re expanding everywhere and doing things I actually wanted you to right from the start.

“I used to say, ‘Tim, you’ve needed to start doing it over here’ and you actually have. you really put an enormous investment in our country.

“We appreciate it pretty much, Tim Apple.”

The gaffe elicited no response for Mr Cook, who merely nodded along as he sat next to the president.

Footage from the meeting has gone viral, with over 3.6 million folks watching it to this point.

One sarcastic viewer wrote on Twitter: “Tim Apple is an American icon similar to the well-renowned innovator Thomas lightbulb and Henry car.”

Another added: “Tim Cook. should have replied thanks Mr Donald Duck.”

This is not the 1st time that president Trump has mentioned high-flying chief executives by the name of their corporations.

Last year, he mentioned Lockheed Martin chief Marillyn Hewson as Marilyn Lockheed.

At a recent press conference, he also addressed a Kurdish reporter as “Mr Kurd” – and said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “Netanyahu”.

Mr Trump even gets the names of his close aides wrong – repeatedly referring to Paul Ryan as “Ron”.

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How many Galaxy S10 has sold on the first day?

A combine of somewhat conflicting reports on Tuesday says that Samsung’s Galaxy S10 sold higher than its predecessor throughout preorders in Korea, however, that it also got less interest than the Galaxy S9 once it comes to first-day registrations. how will each of these things be true at the same time?

According to ZDNet Samsung sold 20 more Galaxy S10 units than Galaxy S9 on a primary day. the quantity comes directly from Samsung, that started shipping the phones on Monday.

Samsung is estimated to have sold 180,000 Galaxy S10 units throughout preorders, that started when the Unpacked event in San Francisco, through its online stores and local carriers, as well as SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+. Early consumers will still receive their units through Friday once in-store sales begin.

A few days ago, Samsung ran out of Galaxy Buds stock, that was an indication that either Galaxy S10 pre orders were doing well, or that Samsung didn’t manufacture enough wireless earphones to offer away for free with the new phone. different reports showed that certain Galaxy S10 models were already sold out in the United States.

But Korean press agency Yonhap (via The Korea Herald), offers a contradicting view for the Korean market. The report notes that the Galaxy S10’s first-day registration fell back of predecessors:

The number of Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy S10s that South Korean users have signed up for at local mobile carriers came to 140,000 units on the primary day of registration, business data showed Tuesday.

The estimate for the Galaxy S10 series is below the Galaxy S9’s 180,000 units and Galaxy Note 9’s 200,000 units.

These first-day registrations are totally different from preorders. The report notes that registrations started four days prior to the phone’s launch, that is March 8th. an easy explanation could also be that fewer individuals registered for the Galaxy S10 in Korea as several of them might have acquired one during pre orders.

The report also notes that the 5G version of the phone is going to be launched later this month, whereas the Galaxy Fold can hit Korea in mid-may.

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Google Photos has been stopped because of an security breach on Android tv

Google Photos has been stopped because of an security breach on Android tv

According to a recent report, there was a breach of security within the Google Home app on some android TVs. This caused users of the TV to see Google Photos profiles of different users on their device. Luckily, solely the profile image and name of the user was visible. There was no way to see the personal photos of different users. because of this, Google has currently disabled Google Photos on Android TVs.

The bug was discovered once a user tried to set a background image on his android TV via his Google pixel 2XL. within the Google Home App, he may see many other connected accounts. The username and profile photos of these accounts were visible, however, the user wasn’t able to see any photos from the opposite accounts. The TV being used here was a 55-inch Vu LED TV that was running Android 7.0.

Vu 55SU138 4K UHD Android TV review | TechRadar

At first, the user thought that it can be a bug on the manufacturer side, however, Vu confirmed that it absolutely was a software system issue with the Google Home app. Probal bose of Vu Technologies PVT LTD said to Android Police:

“We were recently notified that there was a malfunction of Google Home App in a number of the Android TVs. when verifying the incident we have informed our customers that it was not a problem of Vu tv however it was software system malfunction of the Google Home App. we tend to take your privacy terribly seriously. Vu includes a long-standing commitment to protecting the privacy of the private info that our customers entrust to us.”

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Another user experienced the identical bug on a different TV, that was running on android eight.0 Oreo. Google has since fixed the bug, however, users are still unable to use Google Photos to set up background pictures or screensavers on their Android TV. Google also reached out to Android Police and said that it’s presently investigating this security bug. the corporate has disabled the cast feature via Google Assistant on Android TVs. have you ever faced this bug on your Android TV?

Samsung has been sued again this time by Swiss watch Giant “Swatch”

Samsung has been sued again this time by Swiss watch Giant “Swatch”

South Korean tech giant Samsung has been dragged into court by well-liked Swiss company swatch group for infringing a trademark of the company’s style in one amongst Samsung’s wearable devices. The watchmaker alleged that the South-Korean company traced its style for downloaded smartwatch faces and filed a complaint in a district court within the United States.

In the complaint, swatch said that Samsung’s watch faces “bear identical or nearly identical marks” to the trademark that swatch owns and uses for the watches of its brands like Tissot, Swatch, Omega, Longines.

According to a report in Reuters, the complaint specifically names the smartwatches that have infringed Swatch’s watch styles. swatch has alleged that Samsung’s Gear S3 and Frontier smartwatches have traced its downloadable styles and asked for over $100 million in damages.

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“This unabashed copying of the emblems will have only 1 purpose – to trade off the fame, reputation, and goodwill of the swatch group Companies’ merchandise and marks built painstakingly over decades,” stated swatch group in its complaint. the corporate said that it didn’t offer any license to Samsung for using its logos for the smartwatches. “This may be a blatant, willful and international violation of our logos by Samsung,” a swatch representative declared to Reuters. “The affected brands are valued billions. Our claim for compensation? Triple digits in millions,” he added.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Samsung has been accused of trademark infringement. the corporate had been in legal trouble within the past when firms like Apple and Sony complained regarding Samsung copying their styles or infringing the patents. one amongst the most known cases against Samsung was once Apple won over $1 billion in damages in 2011. The case was closed with each firms settling privately.