A Beginner’s Guide To The Deep Web

What if I told you that the vast majority of what is on the internet is in fact on the Deep Web, and even without knowing, you probably use it every day.

But what exactly is this Deep Web?


Actually, the definition is quite simple.

It is the stuff on the internet that you can’t bring up with Google or your favorite search engine, including everything from private social media profiles to hidden subreddits to medical, scientific and business databases to archives/pages you find on the way-back machine and really just any page that you simply can’t get to without having the actual URL and the permission to access it.

All this stuff really adds up.


Just think of how many Facebook accounts there are, how many companies with sensitive data and cloud storage, and how many private YouTube videos there are of god only knows what.


Although it is nearly impossible to determine exactly how big the Deep Web is, it has been estimated that 99% of content stored on the internet is part of the deep web.

Leading some to compare the internet to an iceberg, with the deep web being the huge mass you can’t see below the surface, except it is made up of corporate secrets and drunken selfies instead of ice.

So, that online weapons dealer that got busted last month, was he operating in the Deep Web too?


Not exactly, there is a lot of confusion between the deep web and the dark web, which is somewhat similar concept but has some very important differences.

Unlike the deep web sites on the dark web are often meant to be publicly accessible. However, you can’t get to these places without special software that usually encrypts and anonymizes your connection in some way.

The best know system that does this is ‘The Onion Router’ or ‘TOR’ which works by encrypting data when its sent and bouncing it through a number of nodes until it arrives at its destination.


Each node only decrypts enough of the message to know where to bounce it next so only the receiving user knows the actual content.


This successive pealing back of encryption layers inspired the Onion name. Because TOR’s high degree of anonymity it earned a reputation for all sorts of illicit stuff like trafficking of drugs, weapons, animals, humans, crime for hire, scams and all sorts of other shady enterprises but believe it or not, TOR wasn’t invented by some group of ‘online mafia’ types looking to make a quick buck .

It was actually developed by the US Navy to protect sensitive military communications. And although the US government is busy trying to catch TOR for nefarious purposes, there are a lot of nobler uses for TOR and other dark nets as well.


They can provide protection to Human rights activists in oppressive nations, people with fringe political views or outside society’s mainstream, those hiding from abusers, whistle blowers, or just folks who want more privacy in an age where people are concerned legitimately about surveillance.


In fact, Uncle Sam actually heavily funds the TOR project to help people who are trying to speak out in authoritarian countries.

So with the continued growth of our social media and cloud storage and an online community that is increasingly aware of threats to privacy, usage of the deep and dark web should continue to climb rapidly.

But, just remember that even the best security can be defeated by someone looking over your shoulder.

Are these games better than PUBG?

Are these games better than PUBG?

Rules of Survival

Are these games better than PUBG?

Rules of Survival or (RoS) is a free-to-play,multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by NetEase Games. It claims to own over 150 million players registered worldwide. during this game, you drop on a large 8 x 8-kilometre island with 120 different players and need to be the last man standing because the zone pushes you to a middle. The controls are quite easy and therefore the experience is pretty smooth worldwide thanks to the presence of 3 totally different servers across Asia, America and Europe.


Are these games better than PUBG?

Fortnite continues to be one amongst the most well-liked – and hotly-discussed – video games for tweens and up. As just like PUBG, Fortnite allows players the freedom to make structures, fly, drive vehicles and even build/destroy objects and buildings. In Fortnite, players collaborate to survive in open-world surroundings, by battling different characters who are controlled either by the game itself or by different players. Violence is cartoonish, however, some characters and scenes would possibly disturb younger players.

CrossFire: Legends

Crossfire: Legends is the official mobile game of CF, currently over 600 million CF players all over the globe will relieve the ultimate gunfight action they had from PC-on mobile. The Battle Royale mode is also available for world users. not like PUBG that focuses on the battle royale nature of the game, CrossFire: Legends brings with it multiple modes like team Deathmatch and Mutant mode to face out from the crowd.

Knives Out

Are these games better than PUBG?

Knives Out may be a battle royale game very like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. as per a report from analytics firm sensor tower, Knives Out has generated a lot of revenue on humanoid and iOS than either Epic Games’ or Tencent’s offerings. The report states that Knives Out developer NetEase has earned $465 million worldwide vs Fortnite’s $455 million. during this game, 100 players are scattered throughout the large battlefield. Explore the map, collect your favourite weapons, aim, and pull the trigger.

Black Survival

Are these games better than PUBG?

Black Survival may be a fast-paced action title, where you choose an anime character and are dropped on an island with twenty two totally different areas as well as hospital, beach, forest among others. Black Survival is a real-time Survival Game, where you need to survive by any means out of ten competitors in a deserted island. make split-second choices with just a click! Immerse yourself within the fierce battle for being alive you do not have a second to spare! Just Search, Attack, and Run!

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WhatsApp’s new update brings the most requested feature in 2019

WhatsApp has received a brand new update, with this latest patch hopefully fixing a giant issue for users of the popular messaging application.


While group chats are an unbelievably popular feature within the app, several have been irritated by constantly being added to teams with no ability to just accept or decline.

WhatsApp has received a brand new update

There have been reports of spam accounts adding users to group chats with other strangers.


In a statement, the corporate said:


WhatsApp groups still connect family, friends, coworkers, classmates and a lot. As individuals turn to groups for vital conversations, users have asked for additional control over their experience.”

“Today, we’re introducing a brand new privacy setting and invite system to assist you to choose who can add you to groups.


“To modify it, head to Settings in your app, then click Account > Privacy > groups and choose one of 3 options: ‘Nobody’, ‘My Contacts’, or ‘Everyone’.”


If this feature is set to “Nobody”, customers can receive a choice to accept or decline their inclusion during a group chat.


Needless to mention, if “My Contacts” is chosen then anyone you know are able to add you to a group as before – therefore hopefully you trust your friends!


Whatsapp is one amongst the world’s most well-liked communication apps and is offered on most mobile platforms.


It originally launched back in 2009 and is frequently found on the lists of most well-liked apps within the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Back in 2014, the corporate was purchased by social media giant Facebook for the princely total of $19 billion.

whats in side watsapp new update

The news follows on from recent reports that the Facebook-owned app, used by over 1.5 billion individuals, might be about to get a brand new Dark Mode, that Facebook already has.


Dark Mode can build it easier to text in the dark, and in other low-light situations. And leaked screenshots have given us thought of what to expect.


According to WhatsApp journal WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is running its Dark Mode in its latest beta, that was launched with some screenshots of the WhatsApp beta app (version 2.19.82) showing the new options.



Dark Mode can save battery life on OLED screens, reduce screen glare and can be easier to look at in rooms with very little light.


The screenshots don’t show what individual messaging screens will seem like, however, rather settings pages with the revised colour scheme.


The dark grey colour scheme should lower the contrast between text and background, serving to stop eye strain.


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1 Million Downloads in First Week for The Elder Scrolls: Blades

1 Million Downloads in First Week for The Elder Scrolls: Blades

1 Million Downloads in First Week for  The Elder Scrolls: Blades

After its much-delayed launch, The Elder Scrolls: Blades finally came it to early access last month. The title has since gained lots of traction and has reached $1 million downloads on iOS alone, just one week after being on the market. Most of the downloads happened within the U.S., that accounted for 42% of the installations, as per sensor Tower. the whole number could also be much higher because the study doesn’t account for android devices.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades for iOS and Android Available for Pre-Order! Release Date in September


The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a mobile version of Bethesda’s well-liked fantasy role-playing game series. the game primarily focuses on one-on-one combat and dungeon-crawling. you’ll be able to make and customise your character, accept quests from NPCs, build your town, and unravel clues to an ancient mystery. Or venture into the abyss to see how far you’ll be able to go into an endless dungeon.

1 Million Downloads in First Week for  The Elder Scrolls: Blades

1 Million Downloads in First Week for
The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Like all modern games, The Elder Scrolls: Blades is technically ‘free-to-play’. But, the grind is real, and if it looks like too much, you’ll be able to ‘accelerate’ the method using real money. Here are some of the in-app purchases that are offered on the Android version of the game. The pricing on the iOS version shouldn’t be any different.


Elder Scrolls: Blades News From The Apple Keynote

1 Million Downloads in First Week for  The Elder Scrolls: Blades

1 Million Downloads in First Week for
The Elder Scrolls: Blades


The prices are currently what’s considered to be ‘industry standard’, and they range between $1.99 and $99.99. the game is on the market in 72 countries on iOS early access. Russian users came up for 8% of the downloads, putting the country in second place. The title earned about $500,000 in revenue ($380,000 of that came from the U.S.) within the early access stage alone. The Elder Scrolls is one amongst Bethesda’s hottest titles, therefore it comes as no surprise that its mobile version was so well received.


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Best Cases and screen protectors for Samsung galaxy s10 and for Galaxy s9 in 2019

Best Cases and screen protectors for Samsung galaxy s10 and for Galaxy s9 in 2019

Samsung Clear view Case

Samsung Clear view Case

Let’s kick things off with the Clear view case from Samsung. it’s on the market in a massive variety of colours. What’s more is that the case with its premium build additionally lends well to protect your precious S10 because of the back, front and side coverage that it provides. whereas it may not be the perfect heavy-duty case of the world, it will guard your screen and keeps your phone’s back nice and scratch-free. The front case also can quickly transform into a handy media viewing stand to create it ideal for movies hands-free anytime. wherever this case extremely excels, however, is with its smart practicality. The semi-transparent view through the front case can enable you to quickly see the time, date and any incoming notifications that you simply might need.


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OtterBox Symmetry Series Case

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for galaxy s10

This is arguably OtterBox’s most well-liked case series to this point, the Symmetry Case. Comprising of 2 fused layers, the Symmetry series represents all of OtterBox’s famed qualities however in a lot slimmer package. With all the military-grade drop protection you may want for the Symmetry series is certain to keep your S10 looking good for as long as possible. The raised lip additionally helps guard your screen against drops on flat surfaces. therefore it doesn’t feature an inbuilt protector, it’ll still help keep your precious display looking crystal clear.


The overall look might not win any awards however the oversimplified nature will appeal to many. I additionally like the sleek incline on the camera port opening as this makes using the relocated fingerprint scanner very convenient. With all the branding and top-notch build quality that you’ve returned to expect from OtterBox, the Symmetry Series for the Samsung Galaxy S10 still represents a prime choice for any owner trying to find rugged protection for his or her device without adding much heft to it.


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Olixar ExoShield Case

Olixar ExoShield Case for samsung Galaxy s10


Up next we’ll be taking a glance at the ExoShield clear case from Olixir. An oversimplified option that ticks all the boxes. Olixar’s ExoShield Case delivers exceptional clear protection that’s ideal for those wanting to safeguard their S10 whereas at the same time preserve its gorgeous good looks. the good thing about the ExoShield is that all this protection doesn’t come at a price. With the case still feeling extraordinarily sleek and slim in hand, it’s additionally aided by the non-slip coating that adds further grip which means that you’ll be able to keep hold of your new S10.


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Samsung Alcantara case Galaxy s9


Samsung Alcantara case Galaxy s9

We move back to Samsung now with our fourth choice in the lineup that comes within the type of their official Alcantara case. Again, on the market in an impressive array of colour choices, the Alcantara offers a premium look and feel for your S9 that you simply just won’t get anywhere else. The Alcantara finish runs throughout the case for an unbelievably sleek finish that’s nice to carry. This sleek styling is broken up showing neatness with the use of refined colour. there’s additionally some very nice delicate Samsung branding that helps to break up the sturdy Alcantara finish. This finish additionally runs into the inside of the case, providing some nice soft padding for the rear of your phone so it will avoid getting damaged easily. This case doesn’t have the other options like some of the official cases in Samsung’s lineup does, however, it will what it’s supposed to do; providing a very sleek overall look that enhances the S9.


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Olixar lookout Case and Screen guardian

Olixar lookout Case and Screen guardian for Galaxy s9

We wind up now with the sentinel case from Olixar. Representing glorious value, this sentinel comes packed in an exceedingly fashionable case with an easy-to-apply glass screen protector that ensures total all-around protection for your Galaxy S9. What’s nice regarding this combo is that by buying the Sentinel, you instantly take the hassle and headache out of trying to seek out a reliable screen protector that’s additionally compatible along with your favourite case. The screen protector case compatibility permits you to totally protect your Samsung Galaxy S9 while keeping it looking nice at the same time. The sentinel case itself features a very slim and sleek build that appears fantastic. The carbon fibre borders at the highest and bottom contrast superbly with a sleek matte finish that runs throughout. Overall the Sentinel makes for a high possibility which will protect your S9 absolutely.


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Samsung smart switch

Samsung smart switch

How to Use Samsung smart Switch to manoeuvre to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge


Smart Switch, free application developed by Samsung, makes it simple to transfer contacts, photos, messages and a lot of from the previous phone to new Galaxy device. it’son the market in each desktop version and mobile app, that provides convenient method transfer data when moving from recent Android/iPhone to a brand new phone like Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Here we’ll show you the way to use smart Switch in details.

Download the latest version samsung Smart switch here – https://samsungsmartswitch.org/


What Content will be Transferred using smart Switch?

Contacts, calendar events, SMS messages, photos, music, videos, call history, memos, alarms, wallpapers and etc might be moved from the previous phone to new Galaxy phone with ease via Samsung Smart Switch. each the files stored in phone internal memory and SD card can be transferred breezily.