“Tekken”, for iOS and Android coming to the US in March!

Bandai Namco, made a huge announcement in August 2016 that a mobile version of the famous game is arriving, which got a lot of fans very excited. A soft-launching was made for the Canadian market, and what was certainly surprising was that the developers opted for the “swipe fight” style of combat, instead of the Tekken “button-mashing” combat we’re used to on consoles and PC.

This decision was obviously influenced by other popular fighting games in the market such as Marvel: Contest of Champions and the Injustice mobile games. People might have been disappointed with the decision, however, since this a mobile version of Tekken, it certainly makes sense.


We, of course, were lucky enough to try it out and, was pleasantly surprised. The game is not as fully put-together, however, that is expected since the game is not officially released. The mobile version of Tekken though looked stunning on the mobile screen and is probably better looking than the popular games mentioned earlier. The game is free to play and, has a ton of content for free users.

Since the soft launch way back in August, Bandai Namco has been very busy and active in getting the game just right for the official launch. The developers have a variety of new characters and content to make the game a more ‘fuller’ experience.


Tekken will not be launched worldwide on the same day, rather it will on different dates in different parts of the world.  South East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America will be first ones to get their hands on Tekken, which will be February 1st. then in the second week Feb, the game will be made available in Benelux, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Russia, Austria, Italy, France and Spain.  The game will finally launch in the US, along with Hong-Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, on March 1st.

The ‘pre-registration campaign by Bandai Namco was hit, as there were 1.5 million pre-registrations. This shows the power of the Tekken brand that has been built over years. Also due to this success, the developers will be introducing a new character exclusively for the mobile version. I’m sure that’s enough to get a lot of people excited.

We tried the soft-launch version of Tekken and we loved it. We will be counting the days until March 1st so that we can really sink our teeth into this classic fighter

The Best Free Android and iOS games you need to try in 2018

There is a magnitude of games being released every month and it is really hard to keep up with all new titles, and you certainly do not want to miss out any great games. That is why we at Mobile Game Hunter are here to give you the what’s what on all the very best. So here are the best free Android and iOS games you need to try in 2018.

Prize Fighters – Android and iOS

If you have played Super Punch-Out, Prize Fighters will look a lot familiar to you. However, the game is a really good game on its own. Prize Fighters has excellent touch controls, so much fun to play. This game is ridiculously good for a free title. Prize Fighters is easily one of the best boxing games made for mobiles.

Timber West – Android and iOS

Timber West is a pretty nifty little title by creators of Timber Man. The developers have a managed to create a series of games based on the Timber Man character which is extremely simple and highly addictive, and Timber West is no exception. You as a player basically need to tap on whatever ‘thing’ you need to shoot at, and the character shoots it.

Timber West features a lot of different characters, locations, and themes, which keeps the game fresh and interesting. These games will not be the most amazing games you would have ever played, however, what’s guaranteed is hours and hours of non-stop fun. Timber West is a game that’s certainly worth your time.

Amazing Katamari Damacy – Android and iOS

Amazing Katamari Damacy is very difficult game to explain if you haven’t played it. What is for certain is that it is a ton of fun to play. Amazing Katamari Damacy is an “endless runner” sort of game where you roll, and collect as many items as you see on screen to form a giant rolling ball.

The mobile version of the gamer does make sense as it is shorter and more compact. The game has cleverly taken mobile gaming concepts and introduces them to the fantastic world of Katamari Damacy. The game is not as bizarre as the console versions of the game, however, it’s Katamari so, I guess that is bizarre enough.

Like A Boss – Android and iOS

Like A Boss looks really cool on screen and it looks like an MMO – RPG, but it is most certainly not. The game is called Like A Boss, because well, you are the boss; in the sense that you are the protector/guardian of a dungeon. You will be faced with a lot of colorful enemies from whom you need to protect your territory. There are quests in Like A Boss as well to keep you occupied.

What’s great about this game is that it doesn’t feel like you have played this game before, as it feels like a new experience. This game adds a new twist to the genre, and we are completely happy with it.

Arena of Valor – Android and iOS

League of Legends for your mobile device”, which is the best way to describe this game. Arena of Valor has been in the Chinese market for quite some time, and now finally we have it here in the US. One good thing which came out of it was that, when the game launched in the US, the developers had already done few changes and made additions to improve the overall game.

Because of that, it is safe to say that, we received a more complete game. Arena of Valor has so many things to do and characters to play with. Some heroes are of course needs to be purchased, however, the game already comes with a ton of heroes with the free download, you don’t really need to make purchases unless of course, you want to have all the heroes; which is actually not a bad thing if you willing to spend.

BBTAN2 – Android and iOS

BBTAN2 is a unique little brick breaker game which includes a massive amount of fun. I am sure that everyone is familiar with brick breaker games, and BBTAN2 follows the same structure. What’s different in the second installment is that there are powers ups in this game and some new blocks with which makes the game a little more fun than the last one. To sum up, BBTAN2 is a really cool modern twist on the classic brick breaker genre.

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS – Android and iOS [Now PAID]

If you have not played any Ace Attorney, you don’t have to worry, because this game does a pretty good job of introducing you to the characters. Ace Attorney, which first debuted on the GameBoy platform, is a classic, and Miles Edgeworth, the main charismatic character is a legend.

Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS, certainly does justice to the old games, and then some. I would actually have to say that INVESTIGATIONS, is my favorite Ace Attorney game so far. It is one really clever game. Basically, there is a crime, you go to the crime scene, follow up on leads and figure out what happened.

Inside – iOS

Inside gave me chills. This is such a good game. Inside is very dark, and moody and everything glorious. The game is depressing yet beautiful, and a 2D platformer puzzler which is mesmerizing. Inside is what these sort games should be like. The entire game is so quiet, the story is so beautifully told, it really pulls you in. This game is free for iOS, and it should not be missed out on.

Ruya iOS Review – For your Mind and Soul

Ruya for iOS is not you everyday puzzler.

Ruya mobile game is designed with one purpose in mind, to provide you with a calming experience.

The best thing about Ruya is that, it does not push in-app-purchases on you, rather it focuses on what it promises to do, which is to calm your mind.

Does Ruya do successfully in the game? Let’s find out.

Ruya for your mind

Ruya is basically a “matching” puzzler if you can call it that.

You will be playing on different sets of grids where you will be given colored “things” (not sure what to call them), to match.

In Ruya, the game informs you of which matches you should make.

How does it work?

The game basically tells you how it needs you to solve the puzzles.

For example, the game will tell you whether it wants an L shape or a line of three.

You can, however, add “balls” into the grid which lets you take some sort of control on how you want the game to progress.


As this game is designed to provide players with a calming experience, there are no time constraints or time limits.

You can take your time and focus on the puzzle.

Ruya gives you additional shapes which are inside bubbles, and to earn extra moves you need to pop them.

How does it look?

The visuals are so beautiful and relaxing, and you might be impressed by the nice storyline in this cute puzzler which will make you wanting more.

The puzzles are not too complicated and not that hard to figure out. But that is the whole point of Ruya, and the game achieves that pretty well.


Final thoughts

Ruya does a good job at what it is supposed to do, which is to provide users with a calming and meditative experience. Therefore it is not fair to judge this game based on the complexities of the puzzles.

Rather we will look at how it makes you feel.

The graphics are certainly a positive point and soundtrack is also very beautiful.

The gameplay is smooth and has a flow to it. The game is good for anyone who wants to get away from the stresses of life for awhile and calm down the mind.

The best way to explain Ruya would be to say that it is sort of a “relaxing escape”. And in that sense, we can strongly recommend the game to anyone.

Download Ruya for iOS below:

“Sonic Runner Adventures Review” | Android and iOS

After almost two years later the heartbreak that was Sonic Runners, Gameloft came to save the day with Sonic Runner Adventures for Android and iOS.

Sonic Runner released a couple of years ago by SEGA was what everyone wanted, however, fell short of expectations. Mainly due to all free-to-play and marketing tactics which were used within the game.

It was certainly a crying shame.

There was, however, a good in there somewhere but, even SEGA knew it was not going to work, and therefore took the game out of the market.

Gameloft to the rescue

As I mentioned, the first Sonic Runner game had the right structure to it and all the right ideas, however, what was lacking was the execution.

Lucky for all of us Gameloft saw the potential which was there and quickly grabbed the attention. One year later after the SEGA pulled the plug, Gameloft releases Sonic Runner Adventures.

Main things to notice

The first main thing to notice is that there are no in-app purchases in this game whatsoever.

This seems to be something that Gameloft has been focusing on in games as the more and more of their games are following the same pattern.

The reason behind this could be to better the user experience, and I would have to agree that I am not a fan of in-app purchases, so I am all in for Gameloft’s decision.

Ok, so the Game?

So let’s dive into the game. How is it different from the original Sonic Runner? Well, not a lot. The gameplay, the music, the level design, the artwork, they all seem pretty much identical.

There are four zones in Sonic Runner Adventures with multiple levels in each of these zones and a set of three goals you have to achieve in each level.

Some levels will have a timer, where you can roam around till the time runs out, and the other levels will end when you achieve the set goals.

And of course, you may be familiar with the infamous Dr. Eggman, whom you will have to fight off at the end of each level.


Sonic Teams

Sonic Runner Adventures consists of three teams of three, with nine playable characters.

Each of them has their own abilities. However, these abilities are divided into three types.

Speed, flight, and strength. For Example, the main team consists of Knuckles (Strength), Tails (Flight), and of course sonic (speed).

Each of the level in the game is designed to suit a type of character however you are free to choose whoever you want. That is where a bit of strategy comes into play.

The Characters

You will start Sonic Runner Adventures as Sonic, and the other characters will not be available at the beginning.

As you play along, you will be able to purchase speed characters with the rings you collect. The other characters will only be available when reaching certain levels.

These rings which you collect in the game are extremely important and you would want to go back to levels which you have already paid and collected more.

Another important upgrade in the game are “Chaos”, these give you additional bonuses. These rings will also be needed for continues and boosts. Highly needed towards the end of the game.

Are the Levels long enough?

The level is long enough to make you happy, and there are two ways or paths you can take to finish levels; and signature Sonic style, the high road is always more difficult but also more rewarding.

There is an icon in each level which takes you to a bonus level, where you have the opportunity to grab as many rings as you want. These levels are very handy and needed later on in the game.

As in any game, the deeper you go into the game the harder it gets. In Sonic Runner Adventures, the first two zones are not as hard as the last two zones, however achieving your goals and grabbing as many stars as you want is still a challenge.

As mentioned earlier, there are 3 goals you set for each level however you only need to achieve one of them to progress to the next level.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the game is a whole lot of fun. Gameloft has done a commendable job, taking over from SEGA and picking up the pieces.

Sonic Runner Adventures has the same skeleton as SEGA’s Sonic Runners, however, Gameloft’s version has more muscle in it. The game is not perfect by any means but it is a step in the right direction.

For the money you spend on this game, without a doubt you get your monies worth of value in exchange for hours of great fun.

Overall this game can be easily recommended.

Download Sonic Runner Adventures for iOS and Andriod below:

Bridge Constructor Portal Review for Android and iOS – Oh! the Glory of Portals

The much-awaited Bridge Constructor Portal for Android and iOS is here!

First of all let’s talk about one of my favorite games of all time, Portal (Angels singing in the background)

Portal first came into our PC screens and hearts way back in 2017, as a part of the Orange Box (Half-life for life!).

What is Portal?

The concept of Portal is basically you shoot portals out a special “portal gun”, blue and orange, and you walk into the blue portal and you come out of an orange one, and Bridge Constructor Portal for Android is based on the same idea.

The idea behind the game and mechanics in itself was already amazing, but it was the ‘smart-ass’ AI, GLaDOS, in the game that made it such a fun experience. Portal 2 was released in 2011 and that was even better.

So if haven’t played the original Portal game, I strongly suggest you do, since Portal is a part of gaming history.

Not a Portal Sequal

Now don’t get me wrong, Bridge Constructor Portal is not a portal game, rather a game based on the same idea.

You as the as the chief custodian in the Aperture Science Vehicular Hurdling Initiative will be tasked with the objective of building portal bridges to move the forklifts one side to the other.

If you have played Bridge Constructor, you know that that you have a whole variety of bridge building tools to work with and even without the Sci-Fi elements to it, it was still a tough game.

With the addition of portals, and all the other elements that go with it, like companion cubes, switches, the of the use gravity in some cases.

This can get pretty complicated in this game, however, when everything comes together, it is so satisfying.

And the controls?

The controls Bridge Constructor Portal work really well, especially in the Tabs, where you have more display area, but works just as well on your mobile phone as well since you can zoom into areas where you need more precision.

The control schematics are the same as any other bridge constructor game, where you can draw, drag and drop items.

What you need to do

As in a bridge constructor game, you won’t need to transport the entire convoy to the endpoint to finish the level, you just need to get one vehicle across and you are done.

What I meant by that is, even if the bridge collapses after getting that one vehicle across, it won’t matter.

Be warned though, unlike most puzzle games, Bridge Constructor Portal does not give you hint after hint.

If you get somewhere you are stuck for good, unless of course, you figure out how to solve the puzzle.

This could throw people off due to the frustration of not being able to move forward, but we at Mobile Game Hunter do not mind 🙂

Final Thoughts

Overall Bridge Constructor Portal is not a game for everyone I would say, just based on the level of difficulty.

However, that does not take away from the fact that it is super fun and brilliantly constructed game.

If you are in love with bridge constructor and unique puzzle games, chances are, you are going to fall in love with Bridge constructor portal as well.

And if you are a fan of portal, you are obviously going to check this game out.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal below: