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The Incredible, Oddmar iOS Review

Premium games on iOS do not get better than this. Oddmar for iOS is what every mobile game dreams to be, and if you call yourself a mobile gamer, Oddmar, is without a doubt THE game you should have on your mobile phone right now.

Believe me, when I say this, Oddmar is easily one-of-the best looking games in the history of mobile games.

The game is an action-platformer with just a ridiculous amount of fun. Oddmar is something that anyone with a mobile phone should experience, period.

What is it about?

You will be playing a selfish oaf, who is sort of forced into duty after his entire village suddenly disappears. The forest creatures grant him mystical powers to help him on his quest, but in exchange, he must protect the forest from evil creatures.

The final objective is to destroy all evil in your way and become worthy to enter into Valhalla.

Senri and Oddmar

Senri, the developer is Oddmar was previously known for the beautiful game Leo’s Fortune. However, after playing Oddmar, LF seems like a tech-demo, which is incredible.


The graphics are just amazing, and even though there is so much going on, on screen, because of how beautifully the game is designed, it never feels too crowded.

Oddmar, the main antagonist in the game has so many different moves, and every single one of them is beautifully crafted and the movement is superfluid.

We are just going to go ahead and say that this is the BEST 2D platformer ever put on mobile.

Other game developers can seriously learn so much from this magnificent game, and even the cut scenes are absolutely gorgeous. Senri really went all out with this one.

Better with touch

We usually always say that mobile games play better with a gamepad. However, this time I am so glad to say that Oddmar is actually better with the touch controls.

It is not easy to explain, but Oddmar moves with your finger, and it is a joy just move around the game. You don’t get that with a gamepad.


So for this one, it is definitely touch controls all the way.

This also a testament to how much Senri have focused on the mobile experience.

Not just pretty on the outside

Oddmar doesn’t just look good, it plays amazing. It actually plays better than it looks! And that is the ultimate compliment.

The platform designs are so impressive and a lot of fun to move around in. The wall-jumping challenges are especially fun.

Enemies serve two purposes, firstly it’s something to defeat, obliviously. Second, you have to use the enemy as a ladder, but killing the enemy kills the body, so you need to be careful when you attack the head.


Boss fights are not just about bashing the enemy as much as possible. The platform plays a huge part in how you would approach the fight. You need to use the platform to find the best ways to hit the enemy.

And that makes everything a whole lot more interesting.

Coin collecting

This aspect has been incorporated really well into the game. Bouncing off enemies to collect coins is both funny and challenging.

The game is also designed in a way where it feels like the end of the world when you miss a coin.

There are also levels for those of you who like finishing levels as quickly as possible. These “speed running” levels challenge challenges you to go through the levels as fast as you can.

The length of the game

Oddmar has only 24 levels in the game and you could probably finish it in a few hours. Even though the game isn’t very long, what it manages to do is to not waste a single second.

And for a mobile game, that is absolute gold.

Honestly, for $4.99, the game gives you incredible value. The production value alone would make this game be priced around $9.99. Add everything else to that, and this game is a steal.

Why do we care about this game so much?

The thing is, games like Oddmar does not usually debut on mobile. Games like this go on other popular platforms and then comes to mobile. But Senri did not opt for that and went straight to mobile.

That is why we love Senri. With more developers giving the mobile platform priority, we can take mobile gaming to the next level.


Final Thoughts

Oddmar is such a well-developed game and it deserves your purchase. If you are one of those people who has been complaining about the state of mobile gaming these days, then this is game you want. It is an incredible platformer with zero IAP’s. More important than that, Oddmar is made specifically for mobile.

The developers took a risk releasing it only on mobile, and we at Mobile Game Hunter want this to be a hit. Just because of how much love has gone into this game.

If any game deserves your money, it is Oddmar.

Download Oddmar for iOS below:

Fortnite 3.5 iOS and Andriod Update | Port-a-Fort, 50V50 and More

It is here folks, another big update for Fortnite for all platforms (Andriod, iOS included) by Epic Games. The major new additions to the game include the Port-a-Fort and 50V50 epic Battle Royale mode (version 2).

The Port-a-Fort

Oh, we love this! You can have up to five of these bad boys in your inventory, and once it is thrown, it instantly builds you a fort which is three stories tall (It looks pretty bad ass too).

The fort is made out of metal, and using the tires at the bottom, you can jump right to the top.

Check out the sick video trailer below

50V50 V2

This is pretty self-explanatory; 50V50 v2 lets two teams of 50 battle it out for glorious victory.

The two teams will be flying around the island in their own battle buses from opposite sides.

On mobiles, the interface will not show any sliced weapons or pickaxes on the audio indicator.

Fortnite is known for its impressive visuals, and they have taken a step further with better anti-aliasing and improvements to the vegetation in the map.

Replay mode

Epic games have added a Replay mode; however, it is currently available only for console and PC versions.

This lets you view your games once again in different camera angles, plus a lot more, which a really neat feature we thought.

iOS and Andriod updated will be delivered in-game, and so, while installing the game was pretty quick, you might find yourself spending some time and data downloading these updates.


Code for iOS?

Lots of people still think they need a code to play Fortnite on iOS. YOU DON’T NEED A CODE ANYMORE.

If you are still debating over which is best, Fortnite or PUBG, check out our side-by-side comparison.

And please let us know what you think in the comments below. Thanks!

Wild Arms Million Memories Coming to iOS and Andriod This Year

Wild Arms titled Wild Arms Million Memories will be launched this year on iOS and Andriod devices. The Game is developed by Wright Flyer Studios and published by ForwardWorks.

It was not long ago when Sony Entertainment s Japan made an announcement about getting into mobile gaming. This news as you would expect got a lot of people excited.

In order to do this, Sony established another company solely focused on the mobile platform called ForwardWorks. When this news was released, most of the gaming community knew  Wild Arms will very much be a part of the plans for Sony.

Wild Arms was originally launched on the PS1 in 1996, and I have to say it is one of my favorite childhood games.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, Wild Arms is a fantasy game in a Western setting. The game features really good strategy elements and incredible music.

Below is the trailer for the original Wild Arms.

The mobile game will have a new name and a new story.

According to our news sources, Akifumi Kaneko who is the original supervisor of the series will be overseeing the development of the mobile game Million Memories. That is good news indeed.

The characters from the original series will also make a return.

ForwardWorks released a small clip (audio) of a song titled Million Memories to coincide with the release announcement, and the full-length track will be released next month.

We still do not know if the game will be released outside Japan, but at least now we know that Wild Arms Million Memories is in fact happening.

Therefore, we will keep an eye out for any news coming our way, and keep you guys informed as always.  You can visit the official website for further news.

Also, you might be interested in the new Harry Potter release. We certainly are.

Long Awaited Shadowgun Legends Android and iOS Review

After a long Beta period, Shadowgun Legends for Android and iOS is finally here. The series is about a group of mercenaries who hunts and kills aliens called the “Torment”.

The game does not really give us a backstory for the alien invasion, or even why the aliens want to take over the galaxy in the first place. All you know is that the aliens are bad, and they need to be destroyed.

The story of the game is clearly not something that MADFINGER games wanted to focus on, but still, it’s nice to know what you are fighting for.

Anything about the lore of the game only appears in the quest logs and the loading screen. There are also no cut scenes to bring you into the game.

Even though the game lacks a narrative, the game still feels like a solid title. If you are familiar with the likes of Halo and Destiny, you will certainly get the same vibe from Shadowgun Legends. Which is not a bad thing at all.

This formula actually works pretty well on mobile.



The Hub

You will start the game in the central hub. Here you will find an armor shop, weapons shop, cosmetic shop, a casino and even a bar. There is also an area to drop into PVP.


The first thing you will notice is how amazing the game looks. I was taken aback a little bit as I was not expecting the game to look that good. While playing the game though, you will notice little things here and there, however, those things are nothing major.

Note – you will not experience any lag or stutter on the iPhone X

Upon completing missions, you will notice that your “Fame” goes up. Fame is a points system in the game to assess your global ranking.

Once you make it to 20%, a drone will follow you around when you enter the hub, and an announcement will be made of your presence. Just like that, you are famous!

These Fame points apply to PVP as well


The Tutorial & Quests

During the tutorial phase, you will have to complete a couple of missions, and thereafter you are on your own.


Shadowgun Legends is mainly about you accepting and completing quests, and these quests are carried by NPC’s scattered across the game. These NPC’s will have a “!” next to them. All you have to do is walk up to them and accept the quest.

There are side quests and then there is the main quest. The main quest can only be accessed through an NPC called Slade. He is also the first NPC you meet in the game.

Rest of the NPC’s are mostly there is fill up space.

High Roller

The Casino offers you some slot machines to play around with, and sometimes you can make some money off them, but mostly you are just losing money. So you are better off not gambling.

But if you are feeling lucky, go for it!

The bar offers you drinks which increases your stats, and then there is the sponsorship area where you can choose your sponsors. These sponsors will reward you with payments every few hours.

Honestly, there are only three main NPC’s in the game; the NPC’s that offer gear, side quests, and the main quest.



The mission structure in Shadowgun Legends is pretty simple. At first, you only have access to one planet called Nova Castillo, which a similar to earth in some aspects (according to the game).

A small back story is provided once you make it through the loading screen, and you will be dropped in a small area on the map.

Shadowgun Legends does not feature too much exploration as the maps themselves are very linear. I don’t mind that at all given it is, in fact, a mobile game.



As mentioned earlier, the shooting takes place in first-person and you are assisted with auto-shoot, which can be turned off at any time. I would not recommend this though, as I sort of struggled with accuracy once I got rid of it.

You might find the game too easy at first, however as the game progresses so does the difficulty. The AI in the game seems very unintelligent in the initial stages, and it might throw you off a little bit, but trust me it gets better.

I believe MADFINGER has got the length of the missions absolutely perfect, as I never got bored while playing a game even though some tasks seem repetitive.

The more I played Shadowgun Legends, the more addictive it became. Because every time you go back to the hub after a mission you see your Fame and XP going up.

And this actually makes you want to complete another mission, and another after that. That right there is a sign of a successful game.

Another thing to note is the amount of gear that is available in the game. IT’S A LOT. Both Cosmetic and Practical. You can truly customize your character to make it unique and stand out.

You also need to be strategic about what gear you use as each item has its advantages and disadvantages.



You can carry around three types of weapons. Your main rifle, a heavy weapon (rocket launchers etc.), and a pistol.

Obviously, your main weapon will be the most important, and it is vital that you check weapon stats before equipping yourself with it.


Sometime a weapon will have good stats, but may not suit your playing style. So watch out for that.

You may be inclined to choose a fully automatic weapon initially, however, I found that using semi-auto weapons (fires in short bursts) works better with the auto shoot mechanism.


No doubt it is the gear in Shadowgun Legends that take center stage due to the variety and the impact it has on the game and how you play. It is clear that MADFINGER spent a lot of time on this aspect of the game.

The game does feature quite a bit of IAP’s. And some would say that in order to fully enjoy the game you will have to spend.


However, I found that if you are willing to spend some time with the game, it will eventually reward you, and even if you make purchases, in time, what you bought would become obsolete as the items you gather through quests would be as good or even better than purchased items.

There are 12 slots you can equip items to, including 3 weapon slots and 5 armor slots. There is a tire system in place for gear where, gray is for common items, and up to yellow, which is legendary.

You can even paint and recolor armor pieces.

In Shadowgun Legends, you also have the option to augment the skill system. You get skill points by completing quests which you can spend later.

You can use these points to increase your HP or your battle skills, like the auto-turret, which is super cool.



What good are all those skills and gear if you can’t show them off?

That is why you have PVP. There are 6 different PVP options to choose from; from one-on-one battles to teams of four battles. You can also team up with other players to take down hoards of alien scum!




The co-op battles are actually bit of a letdown. You would imagine a co-op mission to be killing wave after wave of aliens and then taking down the big boss at the end, together.

Instead, the co-op mission was mainly about completing tap-to-interact tasks you had to complete with your teammates, whom which you have no way of communicating.

Most of the time was spent wandering around the map looking for and completing these tasks.

What a shame.

In the Voltaic Fist mission, you need four players at the end to actually complete it. However, you will find that by then, your teammates have already logged out due to boredom, and it is virtually impossible to finish the mission without at least four players (Writing from experience). Oh well…


Rest of the game

Everything else in the game though plays out beautifully. Shadowgun Legends actually does a fair job at bring the Halo/Destiny feel into a mobile game, and for that, total props for MADFINGER.

However, you get that unexplainable feeling that something is missing.

The Good

We love the fact that the missions are not unnecessarily dragged, and this keeps the game fresh. The combat and movement is quick and smooth, the gear system is fantastic, and apart from the Co-Op and he lack of story in missions, MADFINGER has done a great job in keeping the game moving fast and exciting.

The story is obviously not the main focus of the game, and as a player what I found myself focusing more on Fame progression and my gear.

Final Thoughts

Shadowgun Legends has its pros and cons, however the Pros I believe outweigh the cons, and that kept me going back to the game. The game needs a bit of fine tuning in FPS mechanics department, to really make it a memorable title, and I am sure in the coming months there will be updates.

Overall, Shadowgun Legends is a pretty good title and I did have a lot of fun playing it, which is what is important.

The game is free to download and there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t give it a try.

Download Shadowgun Legends for Android and iOS below:

(Updated) Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Release Date Announced

Mark the date Harry Potter fans, Jam City’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery released date has been announced. Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, the game will be made available for all to play.

Yes, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be available on both iOS and Android platforms, and we are happy about that.

Something else to be excited about is that actors from the movies will be taking on their infamous roles once again.

Famous people

Michael Gambon will voice Dumbledore, and our favorite Maggie Smith will voice her character, Professor McGonagall.

Other characters include Professor Flitwick voiced by Warwick Davis, Madam Irma by Davis Sally, Madam Pomfrey by Gemma Jones, and Madam Hooch by Zoe Wanamaker

Check out our Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide Here.

Why we are excited about this game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will allow players to create their own character, and experience Hogwarts however they want. Create your own experience, in other words.

Players will go through a whole narrative arc where relationships you form with other players in the game, will have an impact on the final conclusion, and the experience.

We really love games like these, and being able to have an experience like that at Hogwarts, and on your mobile phone? I mean come on, game over.

The professors we know and love will appear in the game, and players can attend classes and take lessons.

Never thought I would be excited to sit in a class this much.

Harry Potter is such a massive brand even now after years of its last movie being released. The Harry Potter hype is something that will live on for a long time to come; there is no doubt in that.

We can be pretty sure that marketers and developers will squeeze out every ounce of the Harry Potter Universe to bank on the massive popularity of the brand.

And we are not complaining at all.

Keep em’ coming guys!

He who must not be named

Another question people have been asking is, “Will Voldemort make an appearance in the game?”

Well, there is only one way to find out.

Jam City’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery releases April 25th on Android and iOS.


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