“Lichtspeer” Review for iOS | Ridiculously Incredible!

“Lichtspeer” Review for iOS | Ridiculously Incredible!

Time to step into the shoes of a Spear God. Lichtspeer for iOS is finally here, and oh man are we excited.

No word on Lichtspeer for android yet, but we need to thank Noodlecake for bringing Lichtspeer to the iOS platform.

As you probably already know, Lichtspeer is a spear throwing game, and it is safe to say that most of us are pretty familiar with games involving physics puzzlers and launching things in the air with the objective of destroying.

The game is not easy though, however killing hordes of enemies with your almighty spear is so satisfying, and you will have a lot of fun with the boss battles too.

Things are about to get bloody

If you know anything about Lichtspeer, you know that it is completely bizarre.

It has a combination of Neon and lasers wrapped in a German theme.

It’s as if the developers wanted to come up with the weirdest possible idea, and they succeeded.

That is what makes Lichtspeer, “Lichtspeer”, and what’s strange is that this super crazy combo works brilliantly.

The Summon

The story begins when you are summoned by an Ancient Germanic God to defeat (kill) what seem like thousands of enemies, for his own amusement.

The game has the word “ridiculous” written all over it, with its crazy story and the hilarious German flavor mixed into pretty much every aspect of the game. Something that is really funny about the game is its death counter.

The value of the Roman numerals at the end of your name keep increasing as you die. F

or example, if you die 97 times, your name would be Adalard XCVII, and I personally found that hilarious.

Also, you may notice that the acronym for the currency you earn in the game “Licht Standard Denomination” is “LSD”, and that makes a lot of sense because thought the whole game you feel like your tripping.


When things get crowded

Keeping all the goofiness aside, the game gets pretty serious when it wants to.

One of the hardest things in the game is getting used to the physics of the spear.

The further you go into the game the tougher the enemies become, and some of them have very small windows to aim, and if the enemy is covered in armor, then you need to pull off headshots, and that takes some practice.

There are environmental hazards to deal with as well.

For instance, there are laser guns that need to be disabled by hitting a switch, and dangerous spear guns that could very easily kill you, which you need to destroy. Also, there is really very little room for error.

If you make two or three errors in a row, I’m sorry but you are dead 🙂

Killin’ with Style

Something else Lichtspeer does really well is, reward the player for doing well.

If you continuously keep hitting headshots, long-range shots or get quick kills, your style percentage goes up, and you can also run up the points multiplier.

I tried my darn best to get 100% on the style percentage, however, I had no luck.

I don’t know if it’s even possible but all I know is that there are a million people more skilled than me so, you can give it a shot.

By the way, the headshot graphics are absolutely killer! (Pun intended)


Level Structure

There is a level-based approach taken in the game, and this is obviously influenced by the console/PC versions of the game.

We didn’t think this was a big issue though.

This actually means that if you die, you need to start at the beginning of the stage, which is not very fun.

This level-based approach means the game can steadily take you through the controls and the enemies before it really tests you.

How about the controls?

The controls are simple enough, however, when enemies start pouring in from all sides, the touch controls can get a little difficult to manage.

This is not a big issue though, and actually, I wouldn’t even categorize it as an issue, rather a challenge, and coming out on top in these situations can be very rewarding.

Note: you can have a lot of fun with enemies that explode. Timing these kills just right can be very advantages.


Suprise, Suprise

We all expected the aiming and firing to be the same as of Angry Birds, but to our surprise, the game does not use the slingshot-style method at all, rather you have to aim forward with the use of your finger.

This becomes really hard when you are facing enemies coming in from the sky.

There is a charge time to the spear, where you have to wait until it charges up to get any power or distance on the throw.

This makes for awkward situations where, when your enemy is right at your heels and you have to wait until your spear charges.

You Got More Powers

In these cases you can actually use other abilities you have like special powers or your shield, however, it is not ideal.

And also we feel that the game would feel a lot smoother on a game controller because at times we felt that the touch controls were making the game harder than it really is.

The game kind of feels like it would better suit a mouse and a keyboard, but I believe some tweaking in the controls department is needed in future updates.

Final Thoughts

Lichtspeer is packed with content, with 13 levels to play, and for $3.99 it gives you a whole lot of value.

If you pre-ordered the game like we did, then you got the whole game for just $1.99, which is a really great deal.

You will have close to 6 hours’ worth of gameplay, and if you are the kind of player that goes back and replays levels to get better results, well then you are going to get a lot out of this game.

One thing you will need, in order to play Lichtspeer is patients.

The controls are a little annoying at times but the game is packed full of ridiculous fun.

Download Lichtspeer for iOS below: