Life is Strange Android is Now Available for Free

Life is Strange Android is Now Available for Free

Life is Strange Android is here and we cannot be more excited.

Life is Strange is one of our favorite games in recent years and we have tried it on every console possible.

It was launched on the iOS platform last year, and we had a lot of fun having Life is Strange on our iPhones.

Before the game was released on Android there was a brief registration period, which you might have missed.

We hope that both the Android and the iOS version will be successful enough for the developers to warrant the prequel ‘Life is Strange: Before the Storm’ on mobile as well.

Watch the Life is Strange Android trailer below:

In order the play Life is Strange on your Android device You Will Need,

 Android 6.0 or later

Open GL 3.1

2 GB RAM or higher

There were recommended devices by Square Enix for Life is Strange; Google Pixel or later, Samsung Galaxy S7 and later, Sony Xperia Z6 and later.

As you would expect Life is Strange is a pretty demanding game, so don’t be surprised by the minimum requirements.

Both the Android and iOS versions Life is Strange will have IAP’s in the form of unlockable episodes. Also more good news; Life is Strange Android will support controllers, with the iOS version soon to follow.


You can download Life is Strange for Android FREE from the Google Play Store.

Download Life is Strange for Android below: