LOOK, YOUR LOOT! Giude ‘Tips & Tricks’ – iOS and Android

LOOK, YOUR LOOT! Giude ‘Tips & Tricks’ – iOS and Android

LOOK, YOUR LOOT! For iOS and Android doesn’t mess around. After a short tutorial, it throws you straight into the action without any hesitation.

Luckily, it is not the most overwhelming game in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want any hints and tips that are going to help you out.


Here are 5 LOOK, YOUR LOOT! Tips to get you started.



Know your character.

It is important to know what strengths and weaknesses your character has.

For example, the Warrior has an ability that means that you will only lose one point from a shield if an enemy you are fighting has lower health points than you have in Armor.

Other characters don’t have it, but they do have their own tricks.

Same goes for the skills, you’ll find in your nap-sack at the start of each run. These can be incredibly important when you are in a sticky situation.

So, knowing what they do and how they can save you is one of the keys to success.



Clear it.

In the modes where you are trying to clear a set number of cards, It is often a good idea to get rid of poison cards before they get too strong.

It might only do a bit of damage at first, when they have racked up a poison tally in double figures there is not much chance you are going to be able to defeat them.

Spike cards are also important to clear. Hit them when the spikes are down and the damage dealt is zero.

And you will free up a space and get rid of another card from your total. Play smart and avoid the worst damage and you will be in a great place to win.



First move.

If there is a monster next to you that will damage you in the next turn, it is a good idea to take it out.

Yes, you will still take some damage, but you won’t take as much.

It is amazing how fast a first move can turn into a disaster if you are not paying attention.

Remember, there are no time limits here. So try and pick a path that is going to get you loot, armor and weapons if you can.

Take your time, figure out where you need to go and make sure you are not heading straight into trouble.



Special cards.

There are cards on the board that can help you. Fireballs, Smash-out attacks vertically and horizontally. Lightning chains a big attack through any connected bad guys and Magic wands will double the score of anything near.

Picking when to use Fireballs and Magic wands is key to victory.

You don’t want to be doubling up the XP of a boss, and you don’t want to be wasting the energy of a Fireball blasting things that it can’t hurt.

LOOK, YOUR LOOT!  Is all about positioning. So get yourselves in the right place before you do anything.



The killing blow.

When you are fighting a boss it is tempting to take them out as soon as you can. This can often mean that the move after you’ve killed the big bad is going to get you into all sorts of trouble.

Check what is around you and find the best move before you commit to killing your foe.

You will get upgrades when you finish off a boss, so it is definitely worth doing.

But, upgrades are useless if you are not around to use them.

Don’t choke yourself into danger, just to get that killing blow too quickly.


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