Exciting News from LORDS MOBILE – New Updates

Exciting News from LORDS MOBILE – New Updates

Lords Mobile new updates for iOS and Android

The Guys behind Lords Mobile has been very busy lately, offering up new upgrades and content to the excitement of many players.

One of the biggest things that happened recently was Lords Mobile being featured globally on Google Play, thanks to some major changes which we will be looking into below.

Firstly, there will now be a chronological records of all events in Lords Mobile. The Kingdom Gazette will now keep track of battles won by each player and all the drama in between.

These features were introduced in order to assist with the upcoming event in Lords Mobile; Guild Bash, Guild Fest, Guild Showdown and Feudal War.

Another new feature in Lords Mobile is the ‘Wonder’ tech. By using this, players can strengthen their armies to greater numbers, and also receive extra boosts during Wonder rallies.

Players can now use Royal points to purchase ‘Mythic Ember’ which is used to upgrade equipment. Earning royal point in Lords Mobile is not that easy though, you will need to take part in Battle Royal battles for this.

Lords Mobile has really been growing on its strengths to become a formidable player in the market, and with its success, players can expect to see more and more new updates in the future.

For more info on Lords Mobile you can visit the official website.


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