Heroes & Villains Unite in MARVEL BATTLE LINES | Available Now

Heroes & Villains Unite in MARVEL BATTLE LINES | Available Now

Marvel Battle Lines for iOS and Android

Heroes Vs Villains, that’s what everyone loves to see. With all the superhero craze these days, that has never been truer. Then there are heroes that, for the most part, would make for a great villain like MR. Deadpool.

This is sort of what Marvel Battle Lines (FREE) lets you do. It lets you create a deck with both villains and heroes, putting them together. Nothing is off limits here. Create the best deck with whoever you want and then beat your opponent.

Marvel Battle Lines is now available for both iOS and Android.

With Marvel Battle Lines you can create a deck of 12 cards. You need to combine ability and character cards to create the best team possible. The game is set to feature HUNDREDS of heroes and villains, with amazing new artwork. So your favorite is definitely in there.

You can get the X-Men together with the Avengers! Imagine Magneto fighting side-by-side with Iron Man. Now that I would pay to see. The possibilities are endless.

There will be three ways to play Marvel Battle Lines. The single player campaign mode with an original story, the real-time PvP mode, and then there are limited time events of course.

The story for Marvel Battle Lines has been written by Alex Irvin, and it revolves around some cosmic shards that have found their way to earth. And heroes and villains are joining forces to collect them.

Going by the tutorial, Marvel Battle Lines will not waste any time putting players right into the thick of it. Single player and PVP battles will be available from the get-go. In order to build your card deck, you will have to play in these modes, and these cards can be upgraded later for bigger battles.

Marvel Battle Lines will receive plenty of updates and content including live events later on as promised by developer Nexon.


Download MARVEL Battle Lines for iOS and Android below: