Marvel’s Contest of Champions Infinity War Event Update, Including All New Characters

Marvel’s Contest of Champions Infinity War Event Update, Including All New Characters

Thanks to the biggest movie of the year Avengers Infinity War, the month of May turned out to be one of the biggest months for the Boxoffice. Almost every Marvel game on the planet got in on the action promoting special Infinity War additions to their games. Marvel’s Contest of Champions was one of them.

In fact, Marvel’s Contest of Champions dedicated the entire month for the movie with special characters, event, and quests.

Who would blame them?

The last of the new additions to Marvel’s Contest of Champions has been added.

The final event involved members of the Black Order, the big baddies of Thanos’s army. Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, the two vicious bad guys you saw in the Infinity War film, is set to play a big part in the events to come.

These two characters might not have had big roles in the movie, however, fans of the comics would know that Midnight and Glaive are very important characters in Thanos’s story arc.

So it is nice to see Marvel’s Contest of Champions giving them a spot in their roster.

With the introduction of these two villains, it only fair that the good guys get some fire power in their ranks too right?

Thanos would agree I think. After all, Thanos is a big fan of balance.


Who did the good guys get?

Who else but Captain America from the Infinity War movie, with the special Wakandanian Shield and of course the beard.

And you can’t have Captain America without good O’l Iron Man.

Marvel’s Contest of Champions also introduced the Iron Man from the Infinity War movie as well.

The Infinity War Iron Man is full of extra special goodies and you want to make sure you do everything possible to have him on your team.

And if you have any Limited Time Events connected to Infinity War left uncompleted, now is the time to get them done.

I can’t really complain about the choices ‘Marvel’s Contest of Champions’ has made here with the new character introductions.

Captain America and Iron Man had very important roles to play in the Avengers Infinity War, and it is only natural they get top priority.

This event has been really good for Marvel’s Contest of Champions so far, and it will be really interesting to see what they continue to do as the entire world waits for the next Avengers movie.

If you don’t have Marvel’s Contest of Champions on your phone, you can get it using the links below.