The Stunning Platformer MAX-THE CURSE OF BROTHERHOOD iOS Release and More!

The Stunning Platformer MAX-THE CURSE OF BROTHERHOOD iOS Release and More!

Max-The Curse of Brotherhood iOS release date.

Great News! Flashbulb Games is bringing their awesome cinematic platformer Max-The Curse of Brotherhood to iOS on October 18th.

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Some of you might already be familiar with this ‘Max’ and his adventure as the game was initially released on the Xbox One in 2013, and the PC version in 2014, then last year in November we saw the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch release.

It is perfectly alright if you are not familiar with any of those versions, the iOS version of Max-The Curse of Brotherhood has got you covered.

Check out the gorgeous gameplay trailer below:

Fact: Max-The Curse of Brotherhood is actually the sequel to Max & the Magic Marker. This was a downloadable title on the Wii released in early 2010.

Max & the Magic Marker was also a drawing platformer which was later released on the mobile platform in 2011.

If you want to check out the original game, you are out of luck as the game disappeared along with the original publisher. However! Flashbulb replaced the game about a year ago with Max & the Magic Marker: Remastered ($1.99)

As you can see from the trailer, Max-The Curse of Brotherhood is a very ambitious project on the iOS. The reception so far has been mostly positive which is great.

The core idea of these Max games is to draw your way out of trouble, and Max-The Curse of Brotherhood seems to carry the same concept.

The game is priced at $4.99 but you can pre-order the game on the App Store right now for a 20% discount.

Or you can wait until the game is officially released on the 18th of October to get your hands on it.

Pre-order Max-The Curse of Brotherhood below: