Max: The Curse of Brotherhood iOS Review

You can have the most amazing ideas for a game ever, but every game is built on basics, and if you don’t get those basics right, you will not have a good game. If your game mechanics are all over the place, it won’t matter how brilliant your ideas are.

This is something that Max: The Curse of Brotherhood understands really well. The game will put you at ease at the start. Everything will seem easy with a nice easy-going flow, but nothing remarkable. This is done to suck the player into the game. Once you are nicely settled in, then it becomes something completely different.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

The plot is pretty simple. You accidentally cast a spell that ends with your brother being taken away by a monster, and you need to get him back. Along the way, you need to fight a lotta other monsters to save your brother.

The simple controls are at the bottom of the screen. There is a floating D-Pad to control Max’s movement, along with a jump button. To interact with something on screen, just stand next to it and tap on the hand icon that pops up. Those are the only buttons to control Max, however, you can also control the world around you in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

Max is famous for having his Magic Marker that lets him manipulate the environment around him. At the beginning of the game, using the magic marker is as simple as drawing a platform in front of Max to avoid him from falling to his death. However, the further you get into the game the more complicated the use of the magic marker gets. That’s when Max: The Curse of Brotherhood starts to become a lot of fun.

Soon, Max will be using his earth-moving skills, to get through sticky situations. You’ve got two types of bad guys, the type that sucks and the type that pricks. You will have to move certain elements around to solve the puzzles to avoid getting killed.

The further you get into the world of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, you will start unlocking abilities for your magic marker as well. Soon you will get the ability to draw vines, which can be used as springboards, ropes and of course as platforms.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood has a lot of cool skills to unlock and they are introduced in brilliant ways. And each one of those skills are so important to the progression of the game.

Final Thoughts

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood does have its own unique ideas embedded nicely into the game, it also sometimes falls into familiar platforming that we’ve seen many times. But even in those moments, the game keeps it fresh by adding some kind of twist into the gameplay.

This game is obviously available on other platforms, but if you are completely new to Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, mobile is actually a great place to start. The game feels like it was meant to be on mobile, and that is thanks to the great work by the developers.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is brilliant. Simple as that. It looks great and it plays great. Controls are easy and slick, and the game in its entirety feels very polished. This game is something you should definitely check out.


Download Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for iOS below: