Pick of the Week | Minesweeper Genius for Andriod and iOS

Pick of the Week | Minesweeper Genius for Andriod and iOS

We love creative games and developers. Doing something new and fresh will always grab anyone’s attention.

That is exactly what Mother Gaia Studios did with Minesweeper Genius for Andriod and iOS

The game mixes the classic minesweeper, with elements of popular games like Sodoku and Picross.

The combination seems obvious when you play it, as it mixes together so well.

So it is amazing that no one has ever thought of it before.

The Classic Minesweeper

The minesweeper was a hit with 90’s kids. Anyone who has used a PC in the 90’s or even the early 2000’s will be familiar with the classic Microsoft Windows game.

So for the poor souls that don’t know what minesweeper is, here is a QUICK summary;

Basically, you play the game on a board, which contains a grid of squares with mines under some of them. You are given subtle clues as to where the mines might be placed.


The objective is to uncover each square until you reach the final tile, without accidentally stepping on a mine, so to speak.

That my friends is Minesweeper.

Picross & Sodoku

You might also be familiar with Picross, where you have to fill in a grid of squares to form a complete picture. Minesweeper Genius is kind of a mix of both Picross and Sodoku.

There are numbers placed on the vertical and horizontal sides of the grid, which indicates how many squares there are to be filled in.

You need to cross-check those numbers in both rows and columns to figure out which blocks to fill, and more importantly which blocks you shouldn’t.


At the start of a puzzle you will be given a tiny piece of information which you will use to get started on the puzzle, and as you progress further you will gain more information which will ultimately make the puzzle obvious.

That’s Sodoku and Picross mashed together, and it is wonderful!

Minesweeper Genius

What you have to do with Minesweeper Genius is to create a safe path for your character to get from point A to point B, by deducing where the mines are, based on the clues given.

If you accidentally step on a mine, you can start the level again and get to the point where you died quickly using the knowledge you gained from completing the puzzle up to that point.


The puzzles in the Minesweeper Genius are generated completely at random, and if you die, you have figure out the path from the beginning.

We think that’s great!


OK, why is it called Genius?

Minesweeper Genius has an inbuilt AI that tests the randomly generated puzzles before giving them to the player. It checks if the puzzle is beatable, which it does in milliseconds, and only then will it present it to the player.

Pretty cool eh?

This way you know there is always a way through if you feel like you can’t beat the puzzle.

The game does not just play beautifully, it looks spectacular too. The graphics and the music is just so good.

Minesweeper Genius certainly ticks all the boxes if you are looking for a smart, intuitive game that keeps you going back for more.

Minesweeper Genius is brilliant!

Download Minesweeper Genius for Andriod and iOS below: