Mobile Game Hunter’s Top 10 Marvel Games for Android

Mobile Game Hunter’s Top 10 Marvel Games for Android

Hi guys, we’re huge fans of Marvel; not to say we don’t like DC, we’re massive fans of DC as well. In the recent times though, Marvel has been coming up with really impressive games. Due to that very reason, we decided to do a top ten Marvel games on Android for you guys. These are the top Marvel games for android we at Mobile Game Hunter have come across so far. Check it out!

10. Iron man 3 – Free (In game purchases)

Iron Man 3 is packed with Hollywood style action and includes a ton of missions. It features 18 different flying suits and keeps you hooked on the story with numerous different scenarios to have fun in.

09. MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited – Free (In game purchases)

A key highlight is the fact that the Spider-Man Unlimited is over 200 Characters from the Spider-Man universe to play. In Spider-Man Unlimited you will be in control of the famous Marvel superhero to take on the Sinister Six. The game is designed as an endless runner, still it manages to keep you extremely engaged with the story, and in facing some of the favorite villains from the Marvel universe.

08. MARVEL Avengers Academy – Free (In game purchases)

Marvel Avengers Academy is so much fun to play, as takes you back to the high school days of our favorite heroes. And of course you will be fending threats by none other than the famous Hydra. Marvel Avengers Academy is cleverly designed and the story is well, It’s alright. However, the game does not lack on the “fun” aspect.

07. Thor: The Dark World – Free (In game purchases)

Thor: The Dark World is a super fun hack-and-slash that is sure to entertain you for hours. The game features some unique gameplay which was a lot of fun to play around with. You will be encountering the same villains as from the film, yet it is still satisfying to beat them all over again. You may need to make purchases to access more content however the free version of Thor: The Dark World is still commendable

06. Guardians of the Galaxy TTG

Games by Telltale have always been nothing short of amazing. It is no wonder that Guardians of the Galaxy TTG is also on the same level. The gameplay signature Telltale, The story is stunning and witty. It is everything GOTG fans want.

05. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is such a complete game. I absolutely had a blast playing this game. As a Marvel fan, the game had everything I would ever want from a Marvel title. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is jam-packed with ALL of our favorite superheroes and no one left out.

04. Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest becomes more and more compelling at each stage. The developers have very cleverly managed the plot with the gameplay mechanics, making it an interesting play.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for puzzles. Hence Marvel Puzzle Quest is no. 4 on the list.

03 MARVEL Future Fight

The plot of Marvel Future Fight is simple, “beat the cr**p out of everyone”. This is one kickass game where you can play as a wide range of superheroes, in order to ultimately beat the bad guys. The features almost all the villains and heroes you can think of and the gameplay is also fun and engaging. Marvel Future Fight is one great free game.

02. Mix+Smash: Marvel Mashers

Mix+Smash: Marvel Mashers lets you create your own heroes. As the title suggests players can mix and match powers and abilities and create your own version of our beloved Marvel heroes. You need to be strategic with the powers you mix and match as it is vital to have the right power at the right time to defeat the villains in the game. Mix+Smash: Marvel Mashers is sure to provide you hours of fun.

01 MARVEL Contest of Champions

Marvel heroes against Marvel heroes, fighting each other to be the ultimate champion. You could say this game was a reply to DC’s Injustice: Gods among us. Regardless, I sure as hell enjoyed the living stuffing out of this game. The gameplay mechanics are fantastic, the graphics are gorgeous, sounds effects are excellent. There isn’t too much you can hate about this game. That is why Marvel Contest of Champions is rated at the No. 1 Marvel mobile game so far.