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‘Monster Hunter Stories’ now available on iOS and Android in the West. 

Capcom has some really good games on iOS and Android, but unfortunately for us, most of them are not available in the west.

Capcom released the fantastic Monster Hunter Stories back in December last year for iOS and Android in Japan with no news about a release in the west.

One of the reasons for this was because Nintendo handled the publishing for the game in Europe and America.

Well, the wait is over, check out the announcement trailer for Monster Hunter Stories below:

Something that impressed a lot was the high-quality graphics on Monster Hunter Stories when it was first showcased. Many wondered whether the footage was from the Nintendo NX, however, later it was revealed that the footage was indeed from the mobile version.

Monster Hunter Stories is a spinoff adventure in the Monster Hunter Universe and is a story-driven adventure much like the title suggests.

The mobile iOS and Android version is also set to have some added features like Auto Save which is missing in the 3DS version.

Monster Hunter Stories is a fantastic title and is also 100% premium, which means no in-app purchases. The game is available on the App Store and the Play Store for $19.99.

We plan to do a review of Monster Hunter Stories soon, so you can wait for that until you decide.

It seems like most of the date on the Android version will have to be downloaded from within the game while the iOS version is a full 4G download.

Online multiplayer will only work for copies sold outside Japan, and if you want to check out the 3DS version of Monster Hunter Stories, you can do it here on their official website.