‘MONSTER HUNTER STORIES’ Review for iOS and Android

‘MONSTER HUNTER STORIES’ Review for iOS and Android

Monster Hunter Series iOS and Android review. 

The Monster Hunter Series was never a franchise that guided players to do exactly what they wanted. Rather, these games were designed to be played according to the preference of each player.

If you wanted to finish the game in a few hours, you can do that, also if you wanted weeks and months of entertainment, you can still do that as well. Depends on whether you want to take a quick dip in the Monster Hunter waters or dive in fully.

As you might know, before taking the leap into the mobile platform, Monster Hunter Stories first appeared on the Nintendo 3DS sometime last year.

On paper, it would seem that Monster Hunter Stories would be a perfect fit for the mobile platform, and for the most part, it is, but it’s not without issues.


Monster Hunter Stories

For those of you who have played Monster Hunter Stories on the 3DS, you are not going to get anything new here; it is pretty much a straightforward port. Just that you won’t get the fancy graphics and the second screen you get on the 3DS.

That makes Monster Hunter Stories a straightforward JRPG.

If you are new to Monster Hunter Stories, the game is basically about a very enthusiastic adventurer who rides monsters. You would initially need to tame the beasts before you can ride them around and take them into battle.

There is an underlying story to all this which will keep you moving forward, however as I mentioned earlier Monster Hunter Stories does not force its storyline on you rather leaves it up to you to take part in it.

Monster Hunter games are normally very in-depth and are about doing the right thing at the right time. Having the right gear also plays a big part. On the mobile version though, it is more relaxed and focuses more on the experience.

Battles are pretty similar to what you would find on Final Fantasy, i.e. turn-based arenas. You have the option of three different attack types and naturally, each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing the correct attack option is vital when it comes to taking on a monster. Choose the wrong one and you are almost as good as dead. Similarly, the game rewards you for choosing the right option.

Next is where the Pokemon elements come into play in terms of collecting monsters. You can keep on collecting as many monsters as you want and chose which one to ride around. Different monsters have different capabilities and you need to pick the right one for the right situation.

Monster Hunter Stories feature a seemingly big, green, open-world for you to get lost in, and the graphics will remind you a bit of the Zelda games, which is not a bad thing. The game does look pretty spectacular at times.

Final Thoughts

Monster Hunter Stories, the 3DS version had some issues with it which most will agree. So, does the mobile version erase some of those problems? Well, not really.

Even though it is a good game, Monster Hunter Stories still lacks an identity for itself. This is probably what’s keeping Monster Hunter Stories from becoming a ‘great’ game instead of a good one.

The ideas and rules of the game will take some getting used to if you are new to the series, and might even seem confusing at first. Given the heavy price point of the game, you would actually expect a lot more.

if you are a fan of the series, then Monster Hunter Stories on mobile would make sense.


If you are interested in taking the plunge, then you can Download Monster Hunter Stories for iOS and Android below: