Most Realistic Android Games to try TODAY! – Android games with the best graphics

Most Realistic Android Games to try TODAY! – Android games with the best graphics

These are our top picks for the best looking Android games available. These games are all stunning to look at as well as play. It always helps when a game has gorgeous graphics. Below is a list of must-try Android games for everyone. We are sure that you will at least fall in love with one title if not all of them.

Epic Citadel – Free

Epic Citadel is not exactly a game as such but more of an explore. There aren’t any objectives but Citadel world is an absolutely glorious thing to explore. You can walk around in this glorious environment, taking in the sights and be amazed at how these things work on a mobile platform. Why Epic Citadel looks so stunning is because it runs on Unreal Engine 3, which powers big console games. The developers also recently added a high-quality tier to really test your smartphone.

Shadowmatic – Free

Shadowmatic is entirely linear. You as the player would travel through a set of levels, with the objective of trying to manipulate these objects, so that you form certain shapes on the wall. Not only is Shadowmatic challenging but it looks real life. Since there are no moving landscapes to render, the developers could really make the few objects on the screen really pop out. The lighting and “shadows” are obviously spectacular.

 Lords of the fallen – $9.99

Lords of the Fallen is not cheap. However for the money you spend, you are getting a really good deal, in that you get 40 to 50 hours of glorious gameplay, and the graphics as you can see are amazing. If you are using a high-end device, this game would run at 60FPS, and for the most part, you would forget that you are playing a mobile game. Any Dark Souls fans would find certain similarities while playing this game, and the best way to describe Lords of the Fallen we think is, Android’s answer to iOS’s Infinity Blade. Just to be clear, this is NOT an open world game, but still, you are given a certain freedom in the gameplay.

CarX Drift Racing – Free

It is a little surprising that CarX Drift Racing has “drifted” under the radar, given the quality of its graphics and gameplay, and even the depth of progression. The quality of the environments, the high-resolution textures and shadows make it as good as Real Racing 3, which is considered as the best racing game on Android.  CarX Drift Racing has the same sort of the same level of progression as Real Racing 3 in that you can you can visit garages, customize your car and one of the cool things is you can buy smoke colors for when you drift your car.

Afterpulse – free

Afterpulse we would say is the best game on this list, in that is an absolute gem! I believe its safe to say that this is one of the best looking shooting titles on Android. From the moment you boot up the game, you are sure to be impressed.  The quality of the graphics could easily rival the last generation of console games. On top of all that, the gameplay is really good; the action is chaotic but well controlled and the shooting is fluid. While Afterpulse does not have the features that Modern Combat 5, for a free title, the quality of the character model is really up there.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus – Free

GodFire – Rise of Prometheus is probably the closest equivalent to God of War you can play on your mobile phone. While comparing to Afterpulse it might seem lacking in the graphics department, GodFire – Rise of Prometheus still is a pretty darn good looking game. This has a few RPG elements, great combat, and puzzle solving as you would expect. The model and animation are good but the textures are not as crisp as some of the other games on this list.

Leo’s Fortune – $4.99

Leo’s Fortune is also a pretty pricey title. But then there is definitely value for that. On the face of it, it a 2D platformer, the game is unbelievably well executed.  The variety of visuals coupled with the great puzzles and the stunning STUNNING! Graphics make Leo’s Fortune an absolute joy to play. The main character in this game is incredibly detailed, you can literally see every single hair on its body move. On top of all that, there is plenty to explore and the whole game is voice acted, which we found is very cool.

There you have it guys, these are the best looking games for your Android mobile phone. Hope you try out some of these games, you will not be disappointed 🙂 Have a nice day from