Must Have Best FREE Android Games

Must Have Best FREE Android Games

From jaw dropping to the quite weird, we got the best free android games you should definitely have on your mobile phone. Going through this we certainly feel like you should give all the free android games a try as each game offers something unique and exciting.


This is an abstract puzzle game based on optical illusions, and Hocus really messes with your head, once you start to get into the rhythm of it, solving puzzles with Hocus will be one the most satisfying things you will have ever done (no joke!). This game has a ton of levels to keep you coming back, and the best part is, if you managed to complete Hocus, you can start making your own puzzles, and share them with the community.


Aqueducts is truly a refreshing mobile experience, which has the quality of a console game. The game is not very long but the concept of it quite brilliant. In Aqueducts, you will find three different worlds, and you will travel to each of the points inside of them and make the water move towards the endpoint before time runs out. This starts off very chill like, then soon turns into a frantic chaotic screen exercise. The more frantic it gets the more fun it becomes.

Battle of Warship

Battle of Warships became a well-established title in pretty quick time, and it is not hard to why. The game is warfare but founded more on strategy than simply blowing up things. The movement inside Battle of Warships is slow, which give you time to actually plan and come up with a strategy. The game displays a world map, which you can use to coordinate and flank opponents. The further you get in the game the more access you will have to weapons and better ships. Battle of Warships constantly rewards you and gives you new things to unlock.

Hello Yogurt

Hello Yogurt a quirky and pretty unusual game. Basically, you will be following a bacteria through the digestive system of a person.  It is such a strange and unusual idea that it is actually quite interesting and intriguing. The beautiful environments and the brilliant soundtrack makes Hello Yogurt extremely immersive. You are constantly thrown into a new location, traveling deeper into the game, catching coins and evolving and unlocking new features.

Battle Bay

This fantastic game is brought you by the same guys who brought us Angry Birds, Rovio. Battle Bay is easily one of the best online multiplayer gaming experiences. Similarly, as Battle of Warships, the game involves in teaming up with players and defeating your competition. Key points of Battle Bay are its graphics, progression system, and its huge variety of unlockables.

Angry Birds Evolution

You have probably already heard about this game. The developers have taken the Angry Birds formula and have brought it into the new age, and it is a fantastic idea. Your goal is to aim the birds depending on what characteristics they have and try to do the most damage possible! The world inside the game is pretty massive and it will take you quite a few hours to finish the game. Angry Birds Evolution also is packed with a lot of fun elements, you develop birds, you van hatch birds, fuse birds, and level up. Highly recommended


Loner is quite a unique game, in the sense that it has nothing to do upgrades, progression or new experiences, rather it is mainly about the experience itself. As the title suggests the game will try to make you feel completely alone, and immerse you in a sound experience. Loner does not have any timers or points as such, rather you will just be guiding an airplane through small doorways in rhythm with the music.  It is a brilliant stress buster.


If you are one of those people who like the game yet you feel like you’re wasting time, NeuroNation is the perfect fit for you. NeuroNation tests a whole series of characteristics of your brain and tells you how to improve them. It will give you the same set of games over and over again, making it harder each time in order to progress. The best part is that you can compete with your friends. So now you can finally figure out who’s smarter.


Finally, on the list, we got Redden, a hunting archery style game. The unique point in this archery game is that you are not in control of the archer, rather you will be guiding the arrow through a series of hunts of increasing difficulty. By the time you get to the middle of the game, it becomes very, very difficult. Redden is visually stunning, in that it is based on a silhouette which both beautiful and creepy.

So, guys, those are our picks of the best free android games, we hope that you at least get hooked on some of these great games because we got hooked on all of them. From all of us at, have a great day!