New! Shop footage for “Hero Emblems 2” drops, and we’re excited!

New! Shop footage for “Hero Emblems 2” drops, and we’re excited!

This is not the first glimpse we had of Hero Emblems 2.

The first trailer was released was back in 2016, and few very lucky people were able to get their hands on a very early version of the game.

Even then we knew the Hero Emblems 2 was still a long way away. We guessed probably about 1 year.

However, the developers’ HeatPot delayed the Hero Emblems 2 release date to somewhere in 2018 for some reason, which was not disclosed.

Release date delay

This was very disappointing to the fans, and us, but this new shop footage has got us so excited.

A release date is still not announced however, we know that the big day is not far far away.

The video released by HeatPot shows the new shop interface and the user interface, which looks quite different from the first Hero Emblems game.

What do we think of the video?

Well, honestly the video is not the most exciting thing you will see, as most of the footage is of the characters being stationary in the shop, but my god doesn’t it look amazing!

If you are not familiar with this game, you probably do not understand why we are so excited for this one.

Therefore I urge you to try the first game.

Hero Emblem which will cost you $2.99 on the app store now.

The game was first launched in January 2015, and blew a lot of the games at that time, out of the water.

Stand out “match 3”

The critics loved it and the fans more so I believe. At that time (even now I would say), it seems like there are just too many “match 3” games out there, and most of them are just mediocre.

Along came Hero Emblems, with its brilliant “match 3” gameplay that stood out from the crowd, and what was more impressive was how well HeatPot, had integrated that element into its RPG gameplay.

Too cute to resist

What’s more, the world which was created by HeatPot was so captivating and dragged you into all its glorious cuteness.

A stand out aspect of the game was its lack of in-app-purchases, which was quite refreshing to see.

Hero Emblems was some game when it first launched, and we are damn sure that the second installment Hero Emblems 2, will better it in every way.

Until the new game arrives, I shall be re-playing the first of the series, just so that I can build my expectations even higher.