New Star Soccer Manager iOS Review | For The Love of Soccer

New Star Soccer Manager iOS Review | For The Love of Soccer

New Star Soccer Manager for iOS is a glorious extension of New Star Soccer and is a home run for developers’ Five Ace Publishing. But before we get to the review, let have a quick look at New Start Soccer.

New Star Soccer

When we took over at New Star United, they were a team on the brink. With the top four divisions struggling to make ends meet, no one thought New Star United would last long.

Almost 20 seasons into our career, we have won every piece of silverware at the top, that this beautiful game has to offer.

And despite the fact that we have spent close to 100 hours of our real lives playing New Star Soccer, it is unlikely we are going to stop anytime soon.


On to Star Soccer Manager

As mentioned earlier, this new game is an extension of the New Star Soccer formula.

Rather than just controlling the career of a single player, with New Star Soccer Manager you are in charge of an entire club.

Not just the players, but the infrastructure as well.

You need to keep on top of your strikers match fitness, and the number of tickets you are selling on game day.

You need to sign sponsors while also keeping the fans happy. Which isn’t always the easiest thing as you will find out.

Essentially, you are caught in a juggling act. You need to keep the fans happy, keep the players happy, keep the sponsors happy, keep the board happy, and try and make the media pay the slightest bit of attention to you.


Match Time

After all of that, you have to deal with the most important part.

Winning games.

Anyone who has played New Star Soccer will feel comfortable here. Where most of the match flies past as strings of text.

When your team is attacking, things switch down to a down to a top-down view.

You pass by tapping on different players, and you run by dragging back on the little guys.

You need to find space, link together a few passes, and get the ball in position so you can strike.

The thing that really deserves praise here with New Star Soccer Manager, beyond the mechanics, is the way the game sinks its clause so deeply into your flesh.

One more game is never enough. 10 more games are barely enough.

You will sometimes have to sell the best players because they didn’t gel with the rest of the squad.

Or you will have to ignore orders of the board and keep youngsters on, just to see how far they would go.

You will have to let contracts run out and deal with fans raging against you when things don’t go according to plan.

We went through all of that and we loved every second of it. Every heartbreaking last-second loss, every rampant charge to victory;

Final Thoughts

There is so much more that we can write about; the replays, the dilemmas, press conferences, everything pushes you on. Pushes you deeper and forces you into making choices that can change the future of your team.

New Star Soccer Manager is a game of wonderful poise, utter compulsion, and shows that strategy management games don’t need bristle with hardcore pride to be SPECTACULAR.

Download New Star Soccer Manager below: