NomNoms iOS Release date, News, & More!

NomNoms iOS Release date, News, & More!

HyperBeard is back, this time distributing a fresh out of the box new allowed to-play game by Jettelly that will make your belly snarl while your brain is loaded up with some super cute Japanese characters. Meet NomNoms.

NomNoms are sweet little beasts (they’re truly too adorable to even think about being considered a wonder such as this) whose objective is straightforward: eat however much yummy nourishment as could reasonably be expected.

NomNoms for iOS will be released on May 23rd.

The sustenances (or noms) are put away in nom-tainers, which are minimal bright eggs with upbeat countenances. In NomNoms, everything has a face: even the sustenance has character. It’s adorable layered upon charming and I as of now can hardly wait to get my hands on it.

Everything sounds cheerful and such, however not everything is great is the universe of NomNoms. A malevolent witch has stolen every one of the eggs – and in this manner, all the noms! – and set them distant.

I wager those smart little NomNoms could achieve a portion of those spots. Also, that is exactly what they need to do, propelling themselves at exact edges to find the eggs and nom all the sustenance.

HyperBeard is behind certain titles you may perceive, each cutting their very own spot in the realm of kawaii portable recreations. To give some examples, there is the hit KleptoCats (presently its very own progression with a numbered spin-off), Chichens, and Clawbert.

NomNoms is prepared to assume control over your stomach on May 23. You can pre-order it for iOS here, or play an early access rendition for Android here.