NonNoms iOS Review – Really Cute Game but….

NonNoms iOS Review – Really Cute Game but….

NonNoms Review iOS

Anytime you are hungry, you could simply walk over to the fridge and grab something to eat right?

But what if there was an evil witch guarding the fridge stopping you from getting snacks! Well, that’s the fate of the cute little NonNoms.

These NomNoms will require your assistance to fly high and grab their dinners, each similarly adorable and frequently punny.

Be that as it may, besides all the kawaii-ness contained inside the game, does it translate into a good mobile game?

In case you’re searching for a profound story experience, NomNoms isn’t it. The reason is straightforward: a shrewd magician stole all the food containing eggs and put them away.


It’s on you to help the NomNoms sore higher than ever and nom-nom away. Each dimension incorporates an egg, five coins/jewels, and snags.

Shoot your picked NomNom (I adore the sparkly-eyed Lucile) from a slingshot at the base of the screen. Up to a bring forth space is open, your NomNom simply needs to touch the egg to catch it.

A few snags are lasting, yet like rules, others are simply made to be broken. What’s more, it’s anything but difficult to know the distinction, as any unbreakable squares look like piece of the earth however weak ones are cleaned a bit in an unexpected way.

In certain levels, there are guns to help move you to the eggs, adding a slight contort to the recipe.

Now and then, once in a while, the UI covers components in levels that should be seen; for instance, the currency authority measure can cover a triangular square that is expected to divert your NomNom towards its target(s).

Your NomNoms at that point need to trust that the egg will bring forth and their sustenance (or now and then a heap of coins) to show up.

Now, you can keep on hurling your NomNoms into the air to get any missed coins, or advancement to the following dimension. The issue is, without an open bring forth spot, there isn’t much point in attempting the following dimension.

So you have to pause, by and large around 20 minutes. The game has warnings to step you back discontinuously, yet goes radio silent when your egg is prepared to bring forth. This would be an inconceivably valuable thing to help players that the world to remember NomNoms is prepared for them.

The game’s currency is twofold, coins and gems. Coins accelerate bring forth time. gems are the superior currency, required to open new universes (only a level reskin that gets blended into the pivot) or additionally incubating spaces.

What’s more, here comes the issue: it can take upwards of seven days to procure enough gems to open another incubating space, so you’re basically restricted to one level at any given moment until the present egg is prepared to bring forth – and you’ll need to set a clock on the off chance that you need to know when that occurs.

Levels show up in irregular order, so you can’t return and replay one on the off chance that you neglected to snatches any coins or, gems. Gems are too hard to even think about coming by without paying – either that, or what they’re utilized to buy is excessively expensive.

As I expressed before, it can take as long as seven days to get the 20 gems expected to open an incubating space or 25 gems for another NomNom, and master realizes to what extent to open another world at the expense of 100 jewels. The universes aren’t obligatory, however they do change up the dimensions which is a pleasant component after you’ve played a hundred of them.

Gathering or collecting is vital, and the whole motivation to play. You gather charming creatures, the titled NomNoms, to redo the play experoence.

You likewise gather an assortment of sustenance items, each allocated levels (normal, uncommon, overly uncommon). In case you’re not into collecting, the game may lose bid rather rapidly. In any case, I’m tied in with getting them all and have an issue leaving errands inadequate, so I’m in support of the collecting angle.

I’ve gathered handfuls and many foods to date; my top choices include:

Shroomelle the enchantment mushroom
Cornelius the cliché
Endorfino, the endorphin-discharging chocolate bar

My least most loved snack is the Oni Girls, who poke a somewhat dull fun at bigotry (which I never find proper).

There are sure components of NomNoms that I have genuine thankfulness for. This is for all intents and purposes inconceivable in F2P titles: a skirt level catch.

Watch a short video advertisement, and avoid a level you’re stuck in. It’s simple. What’s more, to keep me returning, again and again, all the time, there are everyday prizes of coins and gems. The gems are particularly useful.

I’m not used to a mobile game, even a free-to-play one, that feels so constrained with its gameplay (the one egg at regular intervals thing).

The collectibles stream in, and it will take a long time to get them all – something to be thankful for F2P titles, keeping players returning. I expect NomNoms is either the kind of game to get you, or something somebody would get and erase very quickly.