Now you can play PS4 games on your iPhone

Now you can play PS4 games on your iPhone

PlayStation 4 users in the week received a free update to their console’s firmware, that brought a pair of changes.

Update 6.50 offers users the power to swap the functions of the circle and X buttons, and therefore the mandatory download weighs in at a manageable 460MB.

But the most important addition is that PS4 players can now use Remote Play on their iOS devices, which means that they will basically play PS4 games on their mobile phones.

Remote Play is currently compatible with iPhones and iPads updated to iOS 12.1 or later, and touch screen controls designed into the app permit you to continue your PS4 adventures.

Unofficial apps permitting users to stream their games to iOS devices are around for a long time, however this is the 1st time Sony is formally supporting Remote Play on such devices.

How to get it working

First, you’ll have to download the Remote Play app from the App Store onto your device. Here’s a link to do just that.

Once the app is installed onto your chosen device, open it and choose ‘Start’. You’ll be prompted to log into your PSN account, therefore input the details of the account you want to use.

Once you’ve logged in, the app can begin looking for your PS4. this will take a moment or two, however eventually Remote Play should begin on your iOS device.

Can I use my PlayStation controller?

It’s worth noting that you just can’t use your PS4’s DualShock four controller with the iOS app.

You’ll instead need to deal with the on-screen touch controls overlaid over the image, unless you decide for a third-party controller, not all of that are compatible.

However, those with a Sony Xperia phone running android 5.0 or later (to that Remote Play has also been created available with the update), will be able to pair their DualShock controllers to their phones.

The update also doesn’t quite enable you to play PS4 games anyplace you choose – Remote Play only permits you to stream over your home Wi-Fi network.


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