Review | A Great Time With OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE – Android & iOS

Review | A Great Time With OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE – Android & iOS

Old School RuneScape Review for iOS and Android

There is not a lot you can say about RuneScape. It is one of the longest lasting games in the world. Everyone with a PC has probably played RuneScape, formed their opinions, played it again, and moved on.

And now we have this classic game coming to the biggest platform in the world. Which is why this is so interesting.  This is going to open up Old School RuneScape to a whole new audience, and for people who are hearing about RuneScape for the first time.

Now, Old School RuneScape is very attached to its community, and adding newcomers to it, especially on mobiles and tablets could create some rather unique challenges.

Old School RuneScape

Ok, so the first question on everyone’s mind is whether Old School RuneScape works well as a game on mobile. And the simple answer is yes, Old School RuneScape does handle itself well on mobile. However, it is not without its issues, the controls are manageable but not the best. The bigger the screen the better.

The icons you will be tapping at will be spread across the edge of the screen, are the same ones you will be clicking at if you are playing on a PC. Old School RuneScape is a true-cross-platformer, where you will have the same account for PC, Android or iOS.

Old School RuneScape gives a lot of new options for existing players as well. If you are currently an Old School RuneScape player, then there is really nothing stopping you from getting this game. So, what is it like for new players to Old School RuneScape?

Firstly, there is no incentive for new players to grab this game. When you start up Old School RuneScape, you are certainly going notice the age of the game, which might throw you off a bit. You might notice a few cracks in the walls so to say.

However, these are very small things compared to what you get from Old School RuneScape. You are getting a shipload of content with this game. You will need to get through the boring first couple of hours in the game though as this is a common thing in all MMO’s.

Another main aspect of Old School RuneScape is its graphics. As the title suggests, it is very Old School. This is part of the charm of the game. Long-standing fans of the game will adore it while new players might find it a bit difficult to digest.

Final Thoughts

Now, this review might have seemed to be a bit on the negative side, however, the issues we pointed out are not significant. Old School RuneScape is a lot of fun and it is certainly worth your time. You just need to be aware of what you are getting into. Once you do make that leap, you will be hooked, no doubt.

Because Old School RuneScape is a brilliant game, simple as that. Years and years of experience has gone into this game. If you start liking this game even a little bit, chances are, you are going to end up liking it a lot.

Old School RuneScape will not amaze you with its technology and modern experiences, but what it will do is let you play together whenever and where ever you are. And that is worth a lot.


Download Old School RuneScape for iOS and Android below: