Ridiculously FUN ‘Pako’ 2 For Android and iOS Gets A Big Update

Ridiculously FUN ‘Pako’ 2 For Android and iOS Gets A Big Update

Pako 2 for Android and iOS is easily one of the most fun games we have played in 2018.

The original Pako – Car Chase simulator was released way back in 2014 and was an instant hit. The game had amazing style and a whole variety of cars and maps to have fun on.

Every time I opened the app, all I wanted to do was beat my high-score.

Pako was super addictive.

The very long awaited sequel  Pako 2 was released last year on steam, and that I’m sure made a lot of fans a bit sad.

But it didn’t take the developers’ Tree Men Games too long to launch it on the mobile platform when they did so in January this year.

Obviously, Pako 2 was well received, and the massive update in Aril put a lot of smiles on our faces when they launched on Android with a new map (Sunny Coast) and three brand new vehicles.

Tree Men Games knows how to spoil their fans bringing them another big update with a new map (Magpie Island) and more vehicles!

Check it out below;

In case you don’t know what Pako is all about,

Here is a little summary

The game is basically about evading the crazy police pursuit while driving a vehicle at high speed, with no breaks, around a glorious map and lasting as long as possible before crashing or getting busted.

Pako 2 has the same DNA but added some big guns to it.

I mean literally, the vehicles have guns now. How cool is that?!

You can use the new weaponry to either shoot down police vehicles and also use them in new point-to-point missions.

Completing these missions earns you money to unlock more maps and vehicles.

The best way to describe Pako 2 is to say that it is like Grand Theft Auto on Steroids! But one thing is for sure, every time you open the app, you are in for a whole lot of fun.

If you haven’t tried any of the Pako games yet, now is the perfect time.

Download Pako 2 below: