PAYDAY: Crime War BETA Coming to iOS and Android

PAYDAY: Crime War BETA Coming to iOS and Android

Anyone who is a PC gamer is probably familiar with the PAYDAY franchise. PAYDAY has had a lot of somewhat successful ports from the last gen to the current gen. As you might already know, PAYDAY was recently made available on the Nintendo Switch.

PAYDAY was initially announced to hit the mobile platform way back in 2015, and then a year later it had a ‘coming soon’ tag, which obviously never happened.

There was absolutely zero news about PAYDAY on mobile until now. Not only do we know that the game is finally coming to mobile but we also have a brand new trailer!

Check out the PAYDAY: Crime War trailer for iOS and Android below;


PAYDAY: Crime War will not only allow players to rob banks and do other bad things as usual, it will also allow players to play as cops. Which is a first

When PAYDAY: Crime War launches on mobile, what we would like to see is actual support, unlike the inconsistent support we got for the console versions.


If you are interested and pumped like we are for PAYDAY: Crime War, the beta begins on September 10th for both Android and iOS.

From what we know, the beta will let players test out mechanics, performance, matchmaking and game rules. The beta period is set to last from the 10th of September to the 14th.

The developers of PAYDAY: Crime War has stated that the beta will be staged, and a forum will be made available for discussion, which is great to see.

Register for the PAYDAY: Crime War beta here!