Realistic Bike Trial Game ‘PEDAL UP!’ For iOS and Android

Realistic Bike Trial Game ‘PEDAL UP!’ For iOS and Android

Pedal UP! coming soon to iOS and Android

When you think of a bike trial game, my mind goes straight to Trials by RedLynx. Although, if it’s a more realistic bike trial experience that you are looking for then Trials is most certainly not where you will find it.

Even though it is fun doing backflips off a 1000-foot ramp, going through a ring of fire, falling into an exploding nuclear power station, I would like a more practical real-world game to test your skills from time to time.

I suppose that is what this Canadian developer Derailleur was thinking as well when they came up with the idea for Pedal UP!

So, what is Pedal UP!? This is a real-world bike (Cycle) game developed together with Jeff Anderson (North American Trials Champ). Looking at the trailer you can tell that a lot of effort has gone in to make the game as authentic as possible.

Have a look for yourself

If you have ever tried doing this stuff in real-life you would know how ridiculously difficult this is. It’s a skill that takes a lot of time and practice. Lucky for us, we have video games!

Pedal UP! Will feature a few different modes to play around in including an Extreme Challenge mode, Tricks Challenge mode and a classic Time Trial mode. The game will also have 40 different tracks ride around in.

This game will include an online multiplayer mode, so you can show off your skills on a global platform and try to get on the leaderboard. A Camera mode will let you capture all the awesomeness on screen for later.

Pedal UP! is still some time away though with a release set late 2018 or early 2019 for iOS and Android. So watch out for Pedal UP!