PIRATE CODE | Online Naval Warfare Coming Soon to iOS & Android

PIRATE CODE | Online Naval Warfare Coming Soon to iOS & Android

Pirate Code coming soon to Android and iOS

The game that won Best Indie Game at ChinaJoy 2018, Pirate Code is coming to iOS and Android. Pirate Code is a 5V5 online Naval Battle game where you get to captain your own boat/ship and slowly pirate your way into ruling the ocean.

Before you embark on your quest to become the most notorious pirate in the world, you will have to choose from 12 ships Pirate Code will offer up at the start. Each of these ships will have its own unique advantages and will act and move differently in the water.

Pirate Code features some really neat ships including the Flying Crane and the Dragon boat. But fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise would love to get their hands on the infamous Black Pearl.


Pirate Code also gives you 10 different pirates to choose from, and the trick is in linking the correct captain with the correct ship. Do that and you have a deadly combination. Dominating the seven seas take a bit of strategizing, and experimenting with the captain and ship combinations is one of them. There will be occasions when you will have to decide whether to go in solo or join a fleet.

Pirate Code is not an entirely online game. When you want to take a break from ship to ship warfare, you can hunt for treasure on land. Your ultimate quest here will be to defeat the Kraken, which will lead you to the biggest treasure in the game.

If you want to take a dive in pirate waters to become the next pirate king, keep an eye out for Pirate Code when it launches soon.