Pixaloop APK pro brings your photos to life! Pixaloop gives your photos a fresh look by animating them. All you have to do is to pick a an animation type and draw lines to on the areas you want to animate. Pixaloop akp pro has the tool you need to create a stunning piece of art, making it on e the best photo editing software. 

Download Pixaloop PRO APK

Pixaloop pro APK gives you the power to animate any item/part of your photo. This includes, clouds, water, hair, sun rays, trees, the sky, basically anything that moves in real life, can be animated to bring pictures to life. Pixaloop app also give you the ability to control not only the direction of the animation but the speed of animation as well. 

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How to Use Pixaloop

Animating with the Pixaloop app is as simple as drawing lines with your finger. As a matter of fact, that is all you have to do. Once you have chose the image you want to anumate, you have to place an arrow in the direction you want the animation to flow. Here you can add points to control the speed of the animation. Then you need to lock the parts of the image which you don’t need animating. You can do things like defy gravity with the Pixaloop pro APK app. Want to reverse the flow of water in a waterfall? You can go right ahead. The only limitation is your imagination. 

Pixaloop Features

– Freeform paths for intuitive, freehand-style
– Arrows
– Anchors
– Freeze and Unfreeze Brushes
– Real-Time Animation Speed Control
– Choice of loop styles
– Camera FX
– Zoom in and out
– Cool Overlays like flames and raindrops to add mood
– Animate as many areas of your photo as you like
– Export to social media in multiple formats
– Unlimited Projects

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Download Pixaloop PRO APK

Enlight Pixaloop Apk Pro latest version |  The Best photo animation app. Download the apk here. 

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