Playdead’s “Inside” iOS Review | A million ways to die

Playdead’s “Inside” iOS Review | A million ways to die

Genius Development

Inside for iOS is an amazing product. The Developer’s Playdead really went all out on this one.

Why I referred to the game as a product is because the Playdead has treated it as such. Inside ticks all the boxes.

First of all the game supports everything Apple, across the board. From iCloud syncing to Apple Tv to iPhoneX supported to MFi controller support, the game gives you all the options; and the game itself? Well, we loved it.

Incredible beginning

Right from the start, Inside gave me chills. The game starts off by showing a little boy running through the woods, dark and quiet.

You can sense the fear which is created so beautifully on the screen.

And As you would suspect, something is seriously wrong, as you begin to see people being pushed into trucks like cattle.

You see guards with flashlights as try to avoid being seen at all cost.

If you get caught, these guards will not just detain you, rather MURDER you in a horrific manner.


Let’s die every way imaginable

The game literally has a million ways for you to die.

From being strangled, beaten to death, shot, run over, falling to your death, killed by robots etc…

The puzzles in the game start off simple enough, however, they get more and more complicated as you progress.

At one point of the game, you will receive a mind control helmet which will let you control these robots, which you will need to solve more complex puzzles.

Fantastic puzzles

The puzzles are amazing, yes, however, there is a huge difference gap between the easy puzzles and HARD ones. Some of the puzzles will leave you completely bamboozled.

There is no User Interface in Inside, which makes the game look stunning and cinematic. That actually adds to the creepiness of it all. Creepier the better I say.

Inside, Inside

Inside could have easily been named “A million ways to die”, as the game constantly finds new ways to kill you.

Objects and things which look totally harmless sometimes will kill you in the most graphic way.

Then you get re-spawned, which sometimes is annoying, but still super fun.

The developer’s certainly has a sick sense of humor when it comes to killing people. But we love it 🙂

Something for the Critics

I have a feeling that this game would fare better with critics, rather than players, because, the general public would pick a mobile game to be entertained, and to have fun, basically something which will put a smile on your face.

With Inside, your smiles will disappear, there will be a lot of frustration, and you sometimes might feel like smashing your phone.

However, there are people, like me, who enjoy this sort of thing, and I enjoyed it very much.


As mentioned previously, there is no UI in Inside for iOS, and you will be swiping the screen to make the character move.

The game works really well with a controller, as well as without one.

The controls are extremely responsive and fluid. Swiping left or right will make the character run in that direction, swiping up will be for jumps, pressing and hold will make the character interact with the environment.

Something cool about the controls of Inside is that you will only be needing to use one finger.

Haunting Soundtrack

The sound design of Inside is truly something you would want to experience (definitely with headphones on).

The background score is absolutely haunting, and will make this dark and twisted game feel even darker, which I didn’t think was possible.

music coupled with the haunting graphics really makes you feel part of the Inside’s hellish atmosphere.


The game has great cross-compatibility features in that, it would seamlessly transfer your saved games to your other Apple devices.

This is something that all developers should be looking at, as it adds so much value to the users.

Final Thoughts

Inside is a sure-fire winner, and there is no question about that.

The game is well thought out, brilliantly designed, and will be a timeless classic.

I am not going to say that every game should be like Inside, oh no, but there is a lot that developers can learn from this game in terms of build quality and attention to detail.

Inside is not for everyone, but if you love games in general, you can’t miss out on this masterpiece.

Download Playdead’s Inside below: