Popular IOS Weather App Dark Sky Gets a Major Update

Popular IOS Weather App Dark Sky Gets a Major Update

Popular iOS and Android weather app Dark Sky has updated with “one of the largest overhauls” so far, in keeping with a brand new journal post that the corporate shared online today.

The update introduces a brand new visual look and therefore the home screen currently features a “unified timeline,” which mixes numerous aspects of your local forecast onto one page rather than separating them into multiple areas. Now, you’ll read this conditions, next hour rain, next twenty-four hours, and next week forecasts in one scrollable tab.

At the top of the Forecast tab, Dark Sky currently includes a precipitation map below the current temperature and next-hour graph. this could “provide a lot of contexts” to forecasts once quickly launching the app, as per the developers.

For following twenty-four hours forecast, you’ll be able to click between the temperature, “feels-like” temperature, precipitation, wind, wind gust, humidity, dew point, UV index, and bad weather by scrolling through the red text underneath the graph. This updates the graph with the relevant data and is additionally available to appear at for days within the approaching week.

At the lowest part of this tab may be a “Time Machine” feature that shows the weather going back decades, and might also offer seasonal average weather for days beyond the following week. Grossman points out that this could be helpful for planning journeys and vacations.

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The next major addition may be a saved locations feature, that may be a standard addition to several weather apps that Dark Sky has lacked over the years. Now, you’ll save multiple locations within the app to see the weather in numerous cities by swiping the forecast left or right.

Notifications are improved, with custom notifications that allow you to make your own weather alerts for the conditions you care about. rather than alerts entirely tied to precipitation, currently you’ll create push notifications that warn you regarding high ultraviolet indexes and a lot of. To do this, you’ll need to set location access to “always” for Dark Sky within the iOS settings app and permit notifications.

There are new updates to the app’s icon and fully rewritten internals:

We’re unbelievably grateful to The Iconfactory for redesigning our set of weather icons. Gone are the stark black-and-white glyphs, having been replaced with more easily recognizable — and colorful — icons and buttons.

This update is not only a visible refresh: On iOS, we’ve fully rewritten the internals of the app from scratch. It is, effectively, a completely new app. this implies it should be way more stable and responsive, it loads quicker, and it sets us up to way more simply incorporate new options and enhancements within the future.

Dark Sky has been a well-liked third-party alternative to Apple’s own Weather iOS app for many years currently, significantly for its ability to warn you regarding impending weather condition. Apple Grossman says that with the launch of the new update, users will expect to visualize “more frequent” updates furthermore from now on, with new options already within the works. Dark Sky iOS and Android app will get the new update free beginning today.