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PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 Update | Sanhok Map for iOS and Android

If you are following the PUBG official twitter account, you know they post teaser videos and slowly reveal everything there is to know about the latest updates.

This time, the PUBG update 0.8.0 brings us the Sanhok Map which some would say is better than the Miramar on the X-Box One.

Along with the 0.8.0 update, PUBG will be taken offline for 8 hours.

The Sanhok Map was first launched on PC, and it has been on PC for a little while now, but was only recently released on the X-Box One.

As we have come to know, the mobile release is a bit faster than the X-Box One release.

The 0.8.0 update will feature weapons and vehicles specifically for the Sanhok Map. Below is what the Sanhok Map looks like;