PUBG MOBILE Update Patch 0.9.0 | What You Need To Know

PUBG MOBILE Update Patch 0.9.0 | What You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile patch 0.9.0 update.

Judging by a ‘post to patch notes’ in the official PUBG Mobile discord by Tencent, PUBG Mobile is getting what seems like a very big update.

We also expect there to be a convenient ‘leak’ just before the update is out, however, PUBG Mobile will anyway start posting clips and teasers on their official twitter account.

One thing we noticed was that there are no brand collaboration in the Patch 0.9.0, but there will be some big additions and changes for sure.

Expect PUBG Mobile Patch 0.9.0 to drop next week.

OK, here is what you will get with patch 0.9.0 –

Firstly, this patch 0.9.0 will add a movie picture style setting to all maps when selected. The Erangel Map will switch between night and day in classic mode. Expect to see things like new building, trees etc…

Since Halloween is just upon us we know PUBG Mobile is going to get festive. And how are they going to do that? Well, by turning dead enemies into scarecrows, that’s how. Creepy. Also, there will sprinkle some candies and pumpkins here and there.

During the Halloween season, night mode will have a 50% higher chance of getting activated. Spectator mode is also something that will be included in the Patch 0.9.0. This will let you watch your opponents after eat a bullet.

In other news, PUBG Mobile has crossed over 100 Million downloads. Whoa… Fortnite can’t think of numbers like this yet since it is not available on Google play. But do you think Fortnite can go past PUBG Mobile once it is available on Android?