PUBG Mobile Vs Fortnite Mobile – Which is Better?

PUBG Mobile Vs Fortnite Mobile – Which is Better?

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we have a very special fight, champion Vs champion, both on top of their game right now…

PUBG Vs Fortnite…


PLAYERUNKNOW Battlegrounds or PUBG, the game that brought 100 man “fight to the death” battles, to the mainstream, has arrived on mobile.

PUBG on iOS and Android is a very well built mobile adaptation of the popular game. Some say the PUBG mobile version provides a better experience than on the X-Box.

PUBG on mobile is also FREE [Appstore, Playstore] to play, just as same as Fortnite, and we are very excited to see the throw-down between the two games.


The interesting fact is that after playing both games, I would have to say that as of right now, PUBG feels and plays better than Fortnite.


PUBG for mobile also has voice chat and allows players to customize controls and visuals, to their preference.

Fortnite still feels like an incomplete game, and PUBG feels like a full release. Since PUBG does not have the building aspects of Fortnite, the game feels a lot easier to get into on mobile.

Aesthetic wise, I would say Fortnite is better, however, PUBG feels more in tune with the mobile experience.

PUBG is a lot slower than Fornite, which works really well because it gives players more control and lets them play the game at their own pace.

Also, the maps are noticeably larger, which give players more places to hide and plan, and it also makes coming across another player a lot more exciting.

The control scheme on PUBG makes gunfights easier than on Fortnite, where most of the time you feel panicked and not in control.



Simply, PUBG has more choices than Fortnite, when it comes to weaponry and tools. This makes things very interesting as it makes you change your strategy depending on the type of weapons you have in your arsenal.

Inventory management in Fortnite is very streamlined, where PUBG is all about options. I would imagine most players would prefer having more options.

Lightspeed Vs Timi

As you may know, PUBG mobile was released by two studios; Timi and Lightspeed. This was very clever in terms of finding the best fit for the game.

Unusual strategy but it worked. The Lightspeed developed version was the clear winner.



We loved the fact the bots were included in the players’ early matches. What this does is that it gets the player accustomed to the game, for example; knowing when to scavenge for material.

Also, players showing up at unexpected places in the map, add further unpredictability.


Usually in these kinds of games players are often thrown into the heat of it right away, and if you are not experienced, you will have a really tough time at first.

But this inclusion of bots gives sort of a ‘training’, which is really helpful for new players. More like a clever tutorial.

This makes us happy

Massive gaming titles such as these being released on mobile platforms makes us really happy. This is what we have wanted for a long time, and developers are taking the jump. This makes the future of mobile gaming really exciting.

If you think about it, there is really not much of a difference between PUBG PC and PUBG mobile.  The game uses the same weapons, the same maps, the same overall structure, just on mobile.

For people who have not experience the thrills and spills of battle royale games, now is a perfect time. Anyone with a mobile phone has access to the joys of battle royales, and that is super exciting.


People will always complain about touch controls, and that will never stop, but it does not take away the fact that mobile phones are now giving you PC/Console gaming experiences.

The developers who make this possible will reap massive rewards, there is no doubt in that.

Both PUBG mobile and Fornite mobile provides you with excellent battle royale experience, whenever and wherever you want.