PUBG BIG update – Patch 0.6.0 is Massive!

PUBG BIG update – Patch 0.6.0 is Massive!

Everyone would agree when I say that, PUBG mobile has been getting better and better with time. Fortnite mobile is a bit behind PUBG at the moment in my opinion. I have actually stopped playing Fortnite on my mobile phone altogether.

PUBG mobile actually seems to be more established and provides a better experience than on the Xbox One, and that’s saying something!

If you have played Fortnite, then you know what a Battle Pass is. You can purchase one of them using V-Bucks.  

A Battles Pass gives you various rewards including different cosmetics such as emotes, character skins, and even V-Bucks itself.

This in-game purchase has actually resulted in Fortnite making a LOT of money. And now it looks like PUBG wants in on the action.

With the patch 0.6.0 PUBG mobile is introducing a Royal Pass, which will earn you various rewards and help you rank.

In addition to the Royal Pass, there is also an Elite option, which unlocks even more rewards.

From what PUBG mobile has announced, the Elite option will unlock even more emotes to make sure all your ’emote’ needs are satisfied.

The Big Update

First person play

The biggest update on the patch 0.6.0 is its First Person Perspective play option.  Finally!

If you were one of those people who deleted the game from your phone soon after the launch, I would urge you to try PUBG mobile once again.

You will be blown away at how much the game has improved, and that is really great to see.

If you are still torn between PUBG and Fortnite on mobile and don’t know what to try, check out our comparison piece.