RED TRAILS Public TestFlight Beta Now Open

RED TRAILS Public TestFlight Beta Now Open

Red Trailer Apple TestFlight Beta.

Red Trails for came on to the scene when the game was teased in various iOS earlier this year. Most of us were captivated by its gorgeous Neon aesthetic, but I was more impressed by its gameplay.

Red Trials will have you dirt biking across various beautifully designed levels doing flips and tricks, trying to beat your own score/time or someone else’s.

You have probably heard about Apple’s new TestFlight program that lets developers ‘test’ their apps, and Apple has let developers’ PlayPlayFun, test out Red Trails.

Check out the impressive gameplay trailer for Red Trails:

As you can see Red Trails has a 70’s feel to it with its graphics coupled with its soundtrack. I don’t know about you, but I love that era. It really gets you pumped and moving.

The trailer shows off some wicked moves, and the gameplay looks very slick and fluid, which is what you want from a game like this.

To sign up for TestFlight you click on this link –