The Room: Old Sins for Android?

The Room: Old Sins for Android?

Fireproof Games’ The Room series is considered as one the best puzzlers on the iOS platform.

There have been four additions to the series including The Room: Old Sins which was released in January 2018 on the iOS. What about “The Room: Old Sins” for Android?

This is a question a lot of ‘Android’ fans have been asking.


The three previous Room Games were massive hits.

Especially the first “The Room” which won a whole lot of awards including, Apple Game of the Year, BAFTA Best British Game, TIGA Best Game design among few others.

Why this game did so well is because of how unique the idea behind the game was. It was an incredible mind-bending puzzler wrapped in a mystery game, and the graphics were just incredible.

The Room is available on the App Store, Play Store, Amazon, and Steam.


The Room two’ released in 2013 was just as brilliant as the first of the series.

Which like the first installment, received acclaim from critics and gamers alike. ‘The Room Two’ also won many accolades including, Apple Worldwide Editor’s Choice, BAFTA Nominee 2014, Metacritic Best of 2013, CNET Editor’s Choice etc…

The Room Two also followed the same recipe as the first game, however, managed to better it in every aspect.

This game is also available on the App Store, Play Store, Amazon, and Steam.


The Room Three’ was bigger and grander than the first two game. The developers’ wanted to take the series to a whole new level, and it is safe to say that they achieved it.

The Room three strayed slightly from the original Room recipe in that the game was more about the environment than the boxes itself. Yet the game was extremely well accepted by everyone.

The Room Three received Five Star ratings from Stuff.TV, Toucharcade, PocketTactics, GameMob and GameZebo to name a few.

You can get ‘The Room Three’ on the App Store, Play Store and Amazon.


‘The Room: Old Sins’ came out this year, and blew all other puzzlers out-of-the-water.

This is probably the best mobile game to come out in 2018 so far, which made us ‘MobileGameHunter’ give it a rating of 9.6 which is the highest we have given for a game this year.

We were blown away by this game and you can read our comprehensive review HERE.

As mentioned earlier, The Room: Old Sins has only been released on the App Store for now, with the Android version to follow.

So when is it coming out? Here’s what the developers have to say;

“We’ve had a lot of questions regarding the Android release of The Room: Old Sins, so thought we’d better give you an update.

As Android has a huge range of different devices, testing and optimising the game for as many of them as possible takes longer than testing on Apple devices, where there’s comparatively very few devices.

We’re very busy working on the Android version of The Room: Old Sins at the moment, it’ll take a few more weeks to optimise and test on the vast range of Android hardware.

We’ll post another update soon when we have more details, thank you for your patience 

Fireproof Games” (Source: Fireproof official Facebook Page – Feb 2nd 2018)

So, it seems like we will have to wait just a little bit longer for the Android version, however, we can tell you that that wait will be worth it.

The iOS version is, of course, available now, or you can try the previous games on your Android device while you wait for The Room Old Sins Android.

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